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Welsh speaking Nanny/Childminder in London? Cymry Cymraeg yn unig!

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Essie3 Tue 25-Nov-08 20:04:33

I'm looking for a Welsh speaking childminder who can work on an occasional basis in London. I live and work in Wales (as a Welsh lecturer), but my husband works in London and so I tend to up sticks to SW London during university holidays. I'm looking for a Welsh speaker to do the occasional daytime, and sometimes evening minding job for my little son Iestyn.

Diolch yn fawr!

llareggub Tue 25-Nov-08 20:11:52

Pob lwc!

Essie3 Tue 25-Nov-08 20:54:14

Hahaha, dwi'n 32 efo un mab hefyd - snap! Lle yn Lloegr wyt ti?

llareggub Tue 25-Nov-08 21:18:40

Sorry, I don't really speak much, I'm from a very non welsh part of south Wales! But I am indeed in England, I'm in the midlands.

welshcake Fri 02-Nov-12 23:10:29

I'm currently looking for a Welsh speaking nanny to look after a 14 month old boy 3 days a week in Kew if anyone knows one! Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 7am til 7pm paying £9 to £10 net per hour.

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