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CannellK Mon 17-Nov-08 12:33:09

anyone have anny suggestions or know of a lovely nanny for my 3 month old ds. agencies have been useless and I dont know where to look now. considering both part time and full time totally depends on right person.

ohIdoliketobebesidethe Mon 17-Nov-08 12:36:53

You could try Gumtree. Say you only want people who have cared for babies and have references you can phone. There are lots of good people out there - but I don't know any looking for work atm - sorry.

CannellK Mon 17-Nov-08 12:47:33

thanks will try gumtree now. didnt realize it would be so hard to find someone who is actually able to care for a baby rather than older kids. Had great night nanny and maternity nurse but they cant do nannying due to family commitments- such a shame

poppy34 Mon 17-Nov-08 14:01:15

have you tried nannyjob as well

phraedd Mon 17-Nov-08 19:07:25

what days and hours are you after?

CannellK Mon 17-Nov-08 20:48:39

Would like to start with 3-4 days a week increasing to full time after april would be ideal...
Have contacted a few people on nannyjob so will se where it gets me, Thanks very much!

lindseyfox Wed 19-Nov-08 16:52:43

if you go on and register for the message boards i know there is a thread titled something like looking for a job, there may be someone in your area on there

mandyjb Mon 29-Dec-08 10:49:58

Hi dont know if you have found a nanny . But I am a qualified nanny living in whetstone . I have 14 years experience and I am looking for 4/5 days work. If you would like to contact me my email is

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