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Our fantastic nanny has just told me she is pregnant.....

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Popilol Mon 03-Nov-08 11:30:08

I think that I am seeking reassurance from others experiences, or warning if reassurance isn't available!

Our fab nanny told me this morning that she is 12 weeks pregnant with her first baby, due May. I'm v. happy for her and was fulsome in my congratulations. Given her age (26) and love for children it isn't entirely unexpected news but nonetheless has been a bit of a shock.

Selfishly, my thoughts have now turned to me and the care of our two DDs (4 and 2). I know that financially we won't be affected as can reclaim the SMP (+ a bit) and that if nanny wants to come back it will be feasible and she would do her best to make it work. What is concerning me is the disruption that might be caused by her going on maternity leave and having someone else covering. How easy is it to find temporary cover (it's a 3 day a week, live-out job) for anything from 3 months to a year? Obviously we will be having more detailed conversations in due course about timing and her returning to work - she still has to see midwife, have scan etc.

Any experiences or thoughts on the best way to approach this would be greatly appreciated! Having been spoiled with fantastic childcare for the past 18 months, I suddenly feel rather vulnerable.

stillstanding Mon 03-Nov-08 11:34:50

Popilol, how do you get to reclaim the SMP?

Popilol Mon 03-Nov-08 13:06:13

I don't know the actual procedure yet, but I know that if you are an employer, you reclaim the SMP amount from HMCE which I think then includes an extra bit if you are classified as a small employer which is based on number of staff on your payroll (maybe because maternity leave can have a greater impact on small employers). As I understand it, it is paid to you at the start of the maternity leave so you then pass it on to your employee during their maternity leave. The reality has still to be revealed to me....!

zeee Mon 03-Nov-08 13:25:43

If you're going to let her bring the baby back to work with her then she'll probably only want to take a short maternity leave. Temporary cover should be easy enough to find.

lindseyfox Mon 03-Nov-08 16:19:56

if she is going to be returning to work with her baby then perhaps she will ony have 3mths off whereas if she is going to be returning to work without her child she may want to take her full 9mths paid mat leave.

lindseyfox Mon 03-Nov-08 16:20:57

forgot to ad if she is having baby in may many students finish uni around that time and would be looking for jobs until end of sept so you may find someone who has lots of babysitting expeirence and poss someone who has nannied in other uni holidays or worked in holiday clubs etc.

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