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Any CM's registered their DH as an assistant? Can you list me the pros and cons please?

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philmassive Mon 03-Nov-08 09:40:16

I am a child minder and I am thinking of registering my DH as my assistant, mainly to allow him to do school drop offs and pick ups occasionally.

Has anyone else done anything similar? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Also wondered if it was an expensive or time consuming business!

cleverchick Mon 03-Nov-08 14:29:43

I have my DH as my assistant. He helps me out with the drop/pick ups. I then get time to concerntrate with the younger ones. he does this voluntary. I informed all the parents and they signed forms to say he can do the school runs and even look after children for a few hours in case of an emergency. I think its wonderfull and stress free especially for me. I wd say go for it and inform Ofsted as well and they will send u a new certificate. no hassles at all.

cleverchick Mon 03-Nov-08 14:33:31

I missed the last bit of your ?. This is one of the rewarding business yu can do whilst you are looking after your own children if you have any. I am getting more than what I used to get when I was workin and at that time all my salary was goin to childcare. all the best.

cheesesarnie Mon 03-Nov-08 14:34:22

ds2 goes to a married couple who are both cms.from a parents pov its great.they can have double the numbers as theres 2 and he can have a choice of who he plays with/goes to iyswim.and it helps that theyre fantastic people!

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