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Wednesday half term - nearly half way!!!

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tulip31 Wed 29-Oct-08 06:54:08

Morning all, Tulip walks into staffroom with an expresso in her hand!!! Put on the coffee and gets a full english on the way...

Does anyone know where I can get clay that hardens in the air for the children to make fun things out of? Got 2 minded today that aren't 100% and my 2 little ones have acquired a cough over night!!! So yet another craft day, but can only make so many bookmarks!! grin

Sammy - hope you are better after last night. Wickes did have some good offers on for doors, we found some good ones on their website, but they are now sitting in the shed waiting for dh to get back from Hong Kong to fit them!!!

SammyK Wed 29-Oct-08 08:06:06

Wilkinsons used to sell that clay not sure if they still do.

Thanks - still feel pretty overwhelmed TBH. Wish I had a pause button, then I could whizz around while the kids were paused still grin

We are off to the art gallery in town today. smile

SammyK Wed 29-Oct-08 08:06:07

Wilkinsons used to sell that clay not sure if they still do.

Thanks - still feel pretty overwhelmed TBH. Wish I had a pause button, then I could whizz around while the kids were paused still grin

We are off to the art gallery in town today. smile

looneytune Wed 29-Oct-08 08:13:27

Full I could REALLY do with one of those!!!

Clay that hardens in the air......I have one of those handprint sets for my baby (must do that soon!) and that just dries in the air. Was quite cheap but can't remember where I bought it?

I can't believe what's happened this morning......1st mindee dropped off just under half hour ago after crashing their car into dh's!!! shock I don't know full details and everyone is ok and mindee's mum said it's her fault but I'm not so sure. She's so lovely and polite she'd just say that to not make things awkward So I'm waiting for dh to phone when he gets into work so I can find out exactly what happened and how bad the damage is.

In case EllieM pops everything ok? Was a little worried after the text!

Not sure what to do today. Monday we did group in the morning and park in the afternoon. Yesterday we did a country park from 9.30-1ish and then another mindee who is friends with ds1 came for couple of hours in afternoon. Today we were going to do a different country park with EllieM etc. but she can't make it now plus it's sooooo cold, I'm not sure now? Need a cuppa to wake me/warm me up then I'll decide. Got to be back by 2pm as mindee coming then plus at 3pm I have a PP coming about adhoc school holiday care!!

Oh and when I get a spare 5 mins during mindees naptimes, I need to finish off my variation letter to Ofsted. NO WAY will they approve it but I can only try (promised parents).

Have good day everyone

looneytune Wed 29-Oct-08 08:15:00

Hi Sammy - just saw your thread and I know how you feel and I'm not even studying, just struggling with getting EYFS pack read, paperwork, paperwork and paperwork not to mention the state of the house. No way could I do NVQ on top, at least until my baby is a lot older!!! Just come and air things on here and get it all off your chest

SammyK Wed 29-Oct-08 08:19:45

I am just shattered. DS is in process of getting an official diagnosis of Autism/aspergers. He is 4 but doesn't sleep well, has communication difficulties and is just very tiring but lovely. So on top of CM stuff I also have that to sort with nursery school, doctors, and am also needing to fill in a DLA benefits form. Sigh.

I take my hat off to you LT - I don't know how you do it!

Have decided will go look at doors later. Live with B=Q and wickes on my doorstep!

countPINKCHICKula Wed 29-Oct-08 09:11:17

Hey Sammy, can someone in family take DS out for some fun over the wekend??..give you a child free few hours were you could catch up?..i know what you mean though about house/paperwork, it preys on your mind..i always feel so much better when ive been able to tidy/put things away or sort out.
re your heating prob..what size are you?, i have a huge luverly wooly long cardi sat here doing nothing, but its an 18 and i think your much slimmer than that??..although it would still be nice to wrap around you when your in house and its cold?.xxx

looneytune Wed 29-Oct-08 09:11:43

No Sammy, you have a lot more on your plate right now. Do you get any help with ds? Is your partner still about to help? You really need to let something go before you have a breakdown hun. I've seen it happen to my dh and it comes from nowhere after a build up of stress. Please look after yourself! xxx

Right, spoken to dh and it was HIS fault like I thought.....I've phoned mindee's mum up and she was still trying to blame herself for parking on the drive, poor thing, she did nothing wrong!! After I insisted, she agreed to get a quote and then we'll decide whether to go through insurance or pay ourselves (god knows how though as we have zilch spare money, we can barely survive as it is )

countPINKCHICKula Wed 29-Oct-08 09:13:18

what happend then?

looneytune Wed 29-Oct-08 09:22:36

Pink - we have a drive which fits a couple of cars on and an area of grass to the side which fits a car on too. Dh had parked on the grass last night so parents could use the drive (as he usually does). He spent 10/15 mins de-icing his car this morning and in the time it took him to get in his car and put it in reverse to leave, mindee arrived but he didn't see her car on the drive (was looking at other side to clear the hedge as he swung out) as it was clear before then. Anyway, he reversed into her door and I'm just thanking god that he didn't hit HER as she was out of the car getting mindee out! It's just one of those things but certainly not her fault like she said! She was blaming herself for not knowing as dh is usually gone when she arrives - no way should she have KNOWN he was about to pull out. Soooo, we've got to find money for this now

tulip31 Wed 29-Oct-08 09:40:59

Sammy - where are you based? Was wondering if you are anywhere near if you would like to meet, I can't warm your house but could try to help with your paperwork etc

Looney - sorry to hear about the car situation, wouldn't it be easier to just go through insurance? But suppose this depends on you excess!!!

Pinkchick - morning

mumnosbest Wed 29-Oct-08 09:53:46

Hi all! I have hot buttered muffins here, sounds like you all need cheering up so I'll share We're off to the woods today for some halloween crafts and fun and the sun's shining!

SammyK Wed 29-Oct-08 10:51:28

Right I have put on the fire shock as it was too cold for mindees who were due to arrive.

I have also text my mum asking if she can have ds fri night/sat morn so I can get on. Sad about this as were meant to be off to party fri nite and sisters sat but need to prioritise getting NVQ done. Waiting for mum to reply.

Have cancelled outing as they are happily playing together so will save my pennies for another day.

DS is in hiding in his bedroom in peace as princess mindee keeps 'turning him into a frog' - he takes everyhting literally so is getting really upset by it. sad

I am in Hull. Don't think anyone is nearby.

PC thanks for your kind offer, it really is nice of you but I couldn't take you up on it. smile
LT Hope you get car situation sorted!
Wow sorry for long post! blush
Hope everyone else has a good day.

NumberFour Wed 29-Oct-08 11:51:59

HI, All
Sammyk, my reply on your last night's post reads like sh*te after reading these today. Sorry! did not know about some of the stuff you're going through.
Hope you're feeling a bit stronger this afternoon.
sorry for being a twit!blush

hpgoneforgood Wed 29-Oct-08 13:14:58

Afternoon all, haven't read all the thread but hope that people start to get on top of things/sort thing out. I have decided to stay in today as was out Monday and Tues. So far we have played lots of board games. Am reaslly starting to struggle with the holidays with my own childrens needs against mindees. Really, Really am not enjoying things at the moment. sad

countPINKCHICKula Wed 29-Oct-08 13:21:37

would it be too big for you chick??..cos otherwise i wont take no for an answerwink LOL

SammyK Wed 29-Oct-08 14:09:46

Hiya HP, sorry you are not enjoying it ATM either. It is hard I think no matter what job you do, to not feel guilty about your own kids. People assume as we are at home our kids needs are always first but sadly that isnot the case!

No4 - your reply on my other thread was helpful! I do need to put everything in priority order I think. Then I will panic about one thing at a time! grin

PC - no it woudn't be too big at all, probably just right and snuggly.

countPINKCHICKula Wed 29-Oct-08 14:32:54 me your address again and ill send it over..may need de-bitting a bit as havent had it on since last winter been in cupboardsmile, but is gorgesmile.x

countPINKCHICKula Wed 29-Oct-08 14:35:22

having one of THOSE days today!..same old same old, mindees not listening, being nasty to eachother, baby out of sync with teeth i wont bore you with the details am sure most of us are going throughs ame thing!
But am really counting to ten today!..have had two of them on time out and i NEVER do time out!..arrghhhh


nannynick Wed 29-Oct-08 18:48:48

Oh it was cold today. Went to Lookout but went home after 2 hours, too cold - but at least we got out of the house for a while.
Picked some apples from the tree in the garden and made apple sauce, also made banana cake. I find doing baking is good on days when stuck indoors, especially cold days.

SammyK - if your DS has trouble falling asleep, ask your GP to prescribe 5mg Melatonin per night for DS. It takes an hour or so to activate. Not sure what age they will prescribe it from, but worth asking your GP to see what they think. Won't help with early waking alas, but should help him wind-down at night.

SammyK Wed 29-Oct-08 19:07:01

Day is over with everyone here in one piece grin

I did give in and go to soft play though this afty, tried to make today as easy on me as possible! blush

Nick - DS settles well, goes to bed great most of the time, but wakes about 4-6 times every night at full energy and volume! hmm 'Yawn'

LoveMyGirls Wed 29-Oct-08 19:12:54

Hey everyone,

Sorry to hear you're having a crap time ((((((((((((cm'ers))))))))))))))

I am so tired I'll be in bed soon! I've had 7 today, aged 6mth to 9yrs we walked to soft play, it was good though 18mth old wanted my sole attention which was not really possible but I did my best. 6 mth old and all the others were really good.

tulip31 Wed 29-Oct-08 19:52:00

Day nearly over, mindee snuggleing on the sofa waiting for mum to arrive - he is exhausted but is refusing to doze off!!!

Nick - we made banana muffins today, got the minded to help and then they decided they didn't like them so my boys have had a field day!! grin

LMG - exhausted here as well, but have to wait for ds2 to come back from cubs and mindee to go and them bed beckons.

Day off (ish) tomorrow, so thought I'd try to go to Chessington with my 4! Try and get the 2 little ones to sit wrapped up in the buggy while the older 2 do the rides!

HP - sorry to hear that you are having a bad time. I hope that things work out.

Hello to everyone else, and hope that your days were ok in the end.

Bed and a glass of wine are beckoning, I'll leave the rest of the bottle and some glasses on the table as I say night night wink

hpgoneforgood Thu 30-Oct-08 09:25:43

Have just found out that my mum is very ill with uncontrollable high blood pressure and early stages of kidney failure sad, this on top of youngest DD asthma getting worse I really can't take anymore sad

countPINKCHICKula Thu 30-Oct-08 20:28:13

oh no HPsad..dont know what to say apart from that im sending you and your family my best wishes, i hope there is something they can do to help?

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