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Nanny in Newcastle

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catherinemummy Mon 27-Oct-08 20:20:44

Looking for some guidance here. Currently dd1 (2.5) goes to a wonderful nursery. Was planning dd2 to go when I return to work next March (will be 9m). However for various reasons coming round to idea that nanny will b best idea.

What would be reasonable hourly rate?

Likely to need nanny 7 till 7 Mon, Tues and Fri with some Weds mornings, on many days will finish early if we get home or have day off.


nannynick Mon 27-Oct-08 20:33:56

Someone live-out, or live-in?

It's an annual salary thing, rather than strictly by the hour, so if you get home early, nanny may leave a bit earlier than usual, but you'll still be paying till their finish time.
12+12+12+5 (say 7am-Midday on Wed's)... so 41 hours per week.
Wouldn't expect that Newcastle would have London rates, so I would guess somewhere in the region of £7-£10 gross per hour. So annual salary of around £15,000-£21,000
You may find you can get someone for a bit less, possibly £6 gross per hour, as I expect that would be a bit above the rates being paid by nurseries. However, it will depend on various factors, such as the persons experience and their cost of living.

Searching for Nanny Jobs may help you get a feel for rates locally, though many job adverts alas do not state salary. Try this jobsearch at NannyJob as an example.

nannynick Mon 27-Oct-08 20:46:50

There is a nanny agency in Newcastle which lists nanny jobs - GEMS - some don't have salary details, but some do. £7-£7.50 per hour seems typical looking at their list, not clear if that is NET or Gross.

There are some ads on Newcastle Gumtree including one from a nanny wanting work - may be worth contacting them to see what salary they would be wanting.

catherinemummy Mon 27-Oct-08 20:53:47

Nanny would be live out.

Hours would be as you have suggested.

Weds am would be at most once a month, to allow me to sleep after doing Mon and Tues night (both drs).

Is it reasonable to ask a nanny to coordinate their annual leave with yours? Eg sit down together every 6-12 months to decide on weeks off?

Thanks for help

nannynick Mon 27-Oct-08 21:11:21

It's reasonable to ask, but don't expect them to always be able to accommodate your wishes. Arranging holidays is about negotiation, some people have firm ideas about when they want holidays, while others don't.

The one Wednesday a month thing you may find an issue. It will depend on the person who accepts the job - you may find someone who will accept it on those terms, however I would have thought most people would be wanting guaranteed income, so working the same hours each week. Just my view of course.

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