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help re new registration please

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SillyMillysMummy Mon 27-Oct-08 15:01:59

I have just received my registration certificate in the post!!!!
woohoo, seems like ages since i started all this..... now what?

i thought i would pull together my remaining policies etc and start
advertising, and by then the rest of the info from my LA would be
through, re ncma membership etc, but i have just had a phonecall from a
local lady who is coming to see me on Wednesday re placing her little
girl with me! Obviously i cannot do this until i have contracts,
insurance etc etc

any help girls???

Diane73 Mon 27-Oct-08 15:32:09

Luck you well done!! I started this whole process back in june still not got my registration cert through seems to take forever makes u want to give up!!
Try calling NCMA as we were told they can send u a temporary insurance certificate and u can also get contracts through quickly from them worth a call!

missymoo2411 Mon 27-Oct-08 22:08:44

go onto the ncma web or ring day care support in your area ..

pinky51 Mon 27-Oct-08 23:26:07

from my experience, the insurance bit came thrugh very quickly it was the crb checks that took the time, but if you have your certificate then you are all done, and your public liability is all you have to arrange, contact ncma they do a good deal on insurance, and it should be done in 24 hours if you take it with them, otherwise shop around. Best of luck

LucyTownsend Tue 28-Oct-08 09:26:02

Morton Michel do good insurance, worth contacting them. If you do go with them then you can do your own contracts - let me know if you want a copy of mine- much cheaper and easier!

Good luck!

SillyMillysMummy Tue 28-Oct-08 21:21:45

ok, well, apparently ofsted download the registration info once a week to my local FIS, they will then send me the paperwork to complete that will be sent to the ncma for my membership (there is a grant in our area that pays for membership) so may be waiting a couple of weeks angry

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