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What no weekend staff room???

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tulip31 Sun 26-Oct-08 07:52:11

Hope everyones weekend is going ok.

I hate the clocks going back, not only have I been up on and off all night with ds4 being a touch constipated, but ds3 thought that 5am was a good time to get up!! shock I am totally exhausted! Was planning on taking the boys to Chessington today, but have finally opened the curtains and it is raining, so that won't be happening - might go to blockbusters instead and see about hiring a wii game or something to keep them amused instead. wink

Well have reorganised my dining room, so that all the toys are now (or will be tomorrow when final stacking boxes arrive) away in 2 cupboards, so once mine are in bed at night and minded have left I can have a home again.

AbbaFan Sun 26-Oct-08 07:56:45


Im up early too, with the clocks going back. Think I might use the 'extra time' to catch up with some course-work (DHC).

Also need to write up some EYFS bits, and I am organising photo albums for christmas presnts for all my parents!

NumberFour Sun 26-Oct-08 15:01:44

DS, DH and I had an awful night with DS vomiting phlegm (ew!) about 10 times between about 2am and 9 today. They are asleep upstairs now while I am doing my tax return. i was only due to have two littlies tomorrow but one has already called in sick and seeing that DS vomitted this aftenoon again, looks like I may have to cancel the only little one remaining tomorrow. Fortunately i have no school kids this half term.
I am shattered......

AbbaFan Sun 26-Oct-08 15:47:00

I am not looking forward to half-term, including my own 2 have:

5 on Mon, Tues and Wednesday

6 on Thursday

4 on Friday - and as it's halloween, I have let the kids also invite 2 friends each for tea between 3 and 6pm. So that makes 8!

nannynick Sun 26-Oct-08 16:09:02

I've worked both days, with various children with special needs.
Saturday: Walk in the woods, indoors at Lookout Discovery.
Sunday: Chessington World of Adventures - in the rain... actually quite good, as queues were short. Tulip, Chessington in the rain is fine, just need waterproof trousers.
Monday: I'm planning to sleep! Then catch up with the washing, shopping, banking etc.
NumberFour - could just be a 24-hour bug, hope your DS feels better soon.

tulip31 Sun 26-Oct-08 16:17:28

Nick, thanks for the advise, I think it was that I really wasn't looking forward to dealing with the 2 little ones while the 2 eldest fought especially in the rain!!! Seems to be the 'in' thing at the mo, for the older 2 to be continually fighting!

Was thinking about doing Chessington on tues and maybe legoland on thurs, but we will see.... Got to be in on tues - new oven coming grin, and then pretty much see how the week goes!

Abba - I'm busy this 1/2 term as well. Ok will have 4 of my own everyday so (inc in numbers given!) - mon/wed = 7, tues/fri = 6, sat/sun = 5 and thurs = 4 (got the day off )hmm
No4, sorry to hear that ds is ill, but hopefully as nick says it will be a short one

tulip31 Sun 26-Oct-08 16:20:39

Just reread my post - meant Wed for doing chessington, as obviously can't be out if new oven is coming in!! I did say that I didn't have much sleep last night!

I also brought some crafts and the children will be making halloween mobiles/hanging things, as well as starting to do bits for christmas for their parents

NumberFour Sun 26-Oct-08 17:40:48

Wow! Everyone seems to have so much planned! Will have to see how tomorrow pans out with DS (thanks for all the good thoughts etc)He seems a bit better now but has been flopped on the couch all day watching DVDs. Just had some meds for highish temp. Poor baby!

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