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cm, new pets in the family

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hazzajo Sat 25-Oct-08 09:05:29

We are getting 2 guinea pigs today from a friend who can no longer keep them. I am going to update my pets policy and do a risk assessment. Is there anything else you think I should do? I don't have to ring ofsted and tell them do I? I'm thinking it will be a really positive thing for my mindees to help care for a pet. We already have a little dog who ofsted were fine about.

ayla99 Wed 29-Oct-08 09:39:05

You don't have to notify Ofsted. But do make sure to tell all the parents, if you haven't already done so. Haven't met anyone with guinea pig allergy but you never know! You might have the mindees allergies on record but parents don't always mention their own allergies if they don't think it relevant. Also, if you're going to allow mindees to handle small animals double check the parents are happy with this.

If it doesn't already say, put in your pet policy that children are never left unattended with a pet. (nb this protects your pet as well as the mindee wink )

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