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CM CLUB; inspection due soon and EYFS still not happening for me?!!!!

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smeeinit Thu 23-Oct-08 09:51:09

so i really dont like the whole EYFS thing and reeeeeealy dont want toHAVE do it to keep ofsted happy.
i love my job and the kids are like my own family,im happy,the kids are happy the parents are happy..
we do so much activities and have a massive range of varied experiences so what happen swhen i get inspected? do i just tow the line with EYFS or make it clear i dont want to do it?!
all my other paperwork is up to date and correct i just dont want to do the EYFS!

KatyMac Thu 23-Oct-08 09:53:09

How much training have you had?

If you haven't had much (esp if it's not avail) I think you could fudge it

But next inspection you would be in trouble tbh

This isn't something you can chose not to do - it is legislative

smeeinit Thu 23-Oct-08 09:55:09

hmm i know katymac....i know i have to do it,im just frustarated and having an off day!
it all makes me want to quit. sad

smeeinit Thu 23-Oct-08 09:55:36

ive had minimal training...

KatyMac Thu 23-Oct-08 10:04:47

Do you have my email - I can send you what I do

It is very easy, honest

bambi06 Thu 23-Oct-08 10:05:45

I AGREE with smeeinit..i sooo dont want to have do more paperwork..i want to concentrate on having fun with the kids..not worry about have i done observations linked to EYFS FGS!! plus the planning..i dont reallyplan..well not on paper anyway..i have tow under you really think im going to do planning as in ok its autumn..what shall we do children? hand painting,glueing leaf prints..they eat the paint, they eat the leaves and glue and generally only want to run around practising their new walking skills.. I generally watch what they prefer to do or what takes their interest and elaborate on that in as much as i can with friend had hers last week and she found it very intensive and she kept on about paperwork,paperwork,paperwork all the tim e..not what she was actually doing with the kids and said she had `good` but still had a lot to work on ..she is a brilliant childminder and had everything up to spec but she still pulled her up about a lot of be honest when they call me i shall tell the truth!!! i havent even done the EYfs course or read anything about it[ ive been on maternity leave and trust me had better things to do with my time!!] Iam not going to kill myself and ruin the enjoyment of looking after kids just because OFSTED said so..arrggh!!!im sooo annoyed thinking about it..oh by the way the inspector said more things were going to change again but wouldnt elaborate!!! To b honest i think i will give up childminding and be a cleaner!!!more money per hour thank you and no paperwork....!!! sorry for the long rantblush

smeeinit Thu 23-Oct-08 10:09:40

smile bambi! you are feeling just the same as i at the moment,i could have written that rant myself!! grin

katy i dont think i do still have your email,i shall cat you.....
thanks you!grin

KatyMac Thu 23-Oct-08 10:16:41


I'm off out now - but I will help all I can

looneytune Thu 23-Oct-08 10:28:44

Katy, I'll email you as would love to see how you record it I've done post it notes so far but haven't got any further

wearefriends Thu 23-Oct-08 10:41:02

KatyMac- Could you please send it to me as well. thanks
email-babiesitters at hotmail dot co dot uk

countPINKCHICKula Thu 23-Oct-08 11:11:01

Hi Katy, do yous till havemy email?, culd you send it to me aswell? as i 'think' im doing everything right but when i hear everyone so worried i wonder why im not flapping and think i must be missing something???

SammyK Thu 23-Oct-08 12:44:08

KM - can you email me too? grin

I am pretty much in same boat as smeeinit.

SammyK Thu 23-Oct-08 12:45:24

Out of interest only as I do planning on implementing EYFS, if Ofsted did inspect a cm and they weren't working to the EYFS what would happen to them??

countPINKCHICKula Thu 23-Oct-08 14:03:14

i would think theyd give them a low grade and a huge list of what to have in place at the next (id assume earlier) inspection?sad

Illhavethisinsize12 Thu 23-Oct-08 14:08:36

well i think im doing it right but would love to see yours km, could i have a copy please

KatyMac Thu 23-Oct-08 16:31:30

I'm confused who has had & who hasn't blush

I'm being a bit dim

Umm contact me (it's on my website on my profile) if you want it & I haven't sent it.........sorry - can't cope

smeeinit Thu 23-Oct-08 16:54:43

katymac you are a true gem!
i have recieved email,many many

KatyMac Thu 23-Oct-08 17:00:55

Does it help?

Does it make sense?

It's all very well passing stuff out but I need to know if it works for people (& if it doesn't why not)

This is partly because I am a bit OCD & partly because I am doing an OU course about systems & change management blush

smeeinit Thu 23-Oct-08 17:14:11

yes makes perfect sense katy...
all very well set out and easy to understand and follow.

KatyMac Thu 23-Oct-08 17:19:47


I am so insecure blush

bambi06 Fri 24-Oct-08 12:57:12

BIG THANKYOU to Katymac..youre a star grin

countPINKCHICKula Fri 24-Oct-08 21:01:01

havent got it chick, but still have your email i think?..does your surname start with M??

KatyMac Fri 24-Oct-08 22:11:35


Tan1959 Sat 25-Oct-08 16:46:57

Hi Katymac

I have emailed you. Can I please have a copy too?? Am sure that the way I am doing things is not the quickest! Thanks

KatyMac Sat 25-Oct-08 17:58:15

I haven't received it yet Tan

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