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CM Club: Advice re CM enquiry for 2009!

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LucieLucie Wed 22-Oct-08 22:21:55

Hi every one, Im fairly new here and have only recently started childminding in scotland.

I got a call today from a mum looking for a childminder - but not needing to start until Aug 2009!

She stated she is moving to the area next summer and wants to get childcare sorted. Very organised of her but...from a childminding point of view, what do we do?

Surely asking her to pay a retainer fee for the next 10 months would be ridiculous? Or book the place with a non - returnable deposit? Or tell her to phone nearer the time?

I only have 1 p/t mindee at the moment but obviously things can change quickly.

What would every one else suggest?

KatyMac Wed 22-Oct-08 22:26:22

I have a policy HTH

Retainers/Deposits/Reserving a place – When you want
to reserve a place at WC for some time in the future, there are several ways to do this, each encompassing a
level of security/risk

• Keep your fingers crossed there will be a space when you need it.
• Pay a deposit (usually your first month’s payment) hoping that when you need a space there will be one available. If there isn’t a space you would get your deposit back
• Pay a deposit & visit us regularly, that way we can keep you up-to-date with what is going on. If we have a space but you don’t need it until sometime in the future, this is a good method to use, as if we get an enquiry about a child who needs the same space as your child we can tell you and give you the option of paying a retainer.
• Pay a retainer – this is a percentage of your monthly payment and will secure a place from when it is available until you need it

LucieLucie Wed 22-Oct-08 22:53:23

Thanks Katy, those options all sound fair and reasonable...and at least it gives the parent the choice rather than perhaps feeling obligated to stump up loads of cash.

I think I will phone her back and put the options you suggest to her, then the ball is in her court, Thanku x

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