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Nanny wanted for Nannyshare

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poshdjc Tue 21-Oct-08 13:45:44

Does anyone know of a nanny who would be available to start a nannyshare 3 days a week in March for 2 children around 8 months old? We are based in St Margarets Twickenham

caring14 Tue 21-Oct-08 21:42:42

Hello, i know a girl, a really good nanny, well she was taking care of my kids but we are moving on february to New Zeland, i was paying 10 pounds per hour, but i highly recommend her, she is an asset for us,

if you want more details let me know,


poshdjc Wed 22-Oct-08 09:38:23

Are you local to St Margarets? More details would be great. Thanks. My email is

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