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Childminder/ after school club- any thoughts?

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HellStones Tue 21-Oct-08 12:33:36

I am going back to work after maternity leave in the next few months. I will only have one afternoon during the week when I can't collect dd from school- she finishes at 3pm and I will get home about 4pm. I have got a place at after school club but this allows her to attend for 3 hours costing £13 (no discount for early pick up), which I don't need but didn't think I had any other options.
Would a childminder be prepared to do one school pick up and care for an hour every week or would it be more hassle than it was worth?
The other issue is that after school club operates during the holidays but I work mainly term time so wouldn't always need that!
Any thoughts/ opinion sfrom experts would be much appreciated.

chatee Tue 21-Oct-08 12:38:20

worth using the asc and if you get home at 4pm (maybe get the tea going)and then go and get your dd so that when she gets home you can give her the attention you want to(knowing smugly that tea is nearly done) and she won't have realised that you picked her up that little time later(iyswim)and has most probably had a great time playing with her friends at asc

HellStones Tue 21-Oct-08 12:44:13

See, I was being utterly selfish by worrying more about having to pay for 3 hours childcare and only needing one! Ds will be in the nursery next door ntil 6 as well, although I'll probably collect him about 5.15.
HAving her there until later would give me a couple of hours to catch up on tea etc so maybe that's not a bad ides.
WE have no back up here so if CM was ill then I'd be stuck so perhaps the ASC is the best bet after all.

AbbaFan Tue 21-Oct-08 19:10:29

You can only ask.

I would if I had a space. I Would charge £5.00 an hour, as it's only 1 hour a week though.

JenniPenni Tue 21-Oct-08 21:49:33

I am a cm and ask for a minimum of at least 4/5 hours of care per day for any ongoing arrangement. It's just not worth the paperwork - contracts, many permission slips, medical forms, attendance register, policy documentation (I have 44!) etc. for one hour only, to be frank. Plus it's nigh impossible to then fill the awkward spaces on either side with another mindee.

There are once offs I have and will do though (emergency care work I do).

I hope you find the right person for you and your family From the sounds of it ASC prob sounds best.

elkiedee Wed 22-Oct-08 12:44:22

With ds in nursery next door ASC sounds like a good idea - keep her there until you're ready to pick them both up. You can do stuff in the house, sort out tea or just relax for however long you have from 4 until setting out to pick up time. Especially as it's just once a week and the other days you'll have to entertain her after school.

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