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should I pay my new childminder sick pay?

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usedtoreadbooks Tue 21-Oct-08 09:59:34

This would have been my 12mo's 3rd week with her childminder, but the CM has had to go into hospital unexpectedly for the week. She referred me to someone else who can take my daughter, but who requires payment upfront. Do I try to claim this back from my CM later? She was paid in cash upfront for this month, because she wanted a settling in period before we sign contracts. Morally I think I ought to let her keep the cash as sick pay; but I have not worked for a year and do not have spare £££ to double pay for child care. What is standard practice in this situation? (NB My CM also looks after one child p/t but I can't contact her parents to ask what they are doing.)

coolj Tue 21-Oct-08 10:02:25

I would think you are due your money back. Childminders do not normally pay for being ill or some might charge half. But as you dont have a contract I would def ask for payment back. Im sure she will agree with you.

Cosette Tue 21-Oct-08 10:06:35

As she's self-employed, and not employed by you, then no you shouldn't expect to pay sick pay. However, worth checking the contract, even if you've not signed it yet, to see what it says.

Presumably your DC will return to the childminder once she's better, so you would just expect to deduct the amount from next month's fee. Although of course this may give you a cash flow problem, but it would be tricky to ask her for it back whilst she's ill in hospital - and also probably not a good basis for a relationship going forward.

looneytune Tue 21-Oct-08 10:14:28

It's clear in my contracts that if I close for any reason and the service isn't available, I issue a refund (or knock off next month's invoice). Unless you have a contract saying she gets sick pay (rare), she should be giving you a refund. But if it's unexpected etc, she may just not have mentioned about the refund yet. When I closed due to sick bug recently (rare), I made it clear when I spoke to parents that once I reopened and knew how long I'd closed for, I would issue a refund.

usedtoreadbooks Tue 21-Oct-08 10:32:42

Thanks, this is all very helpful. She did mention giving me a refund but I told her not to worry about it for now, and that we'd sort it out when she was better. I'm not going to ask for money back while she's ill, and can cover the extra payment until next month. Thanks again for your help!

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