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HELP, HELP, HELP!! I've 2 questions and need your sage answers!

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kittywise Sun 19-Oct-08 13:58:31

Ok, I need to get a mother's help/aupair plus. I reckon I need 35-40 hrs per week. How much should I pay? I have paid the aupair plus we've had a;ready 100 for 30-35 hrs.

Second question: If your aupair comes out with you as a family say for a day trip at the weekend, does that count as her hours? Would you expect her to come out with you as a family?

Thanks , I've found myself in an emergency situation, aupair just left, had no backbonehmm.

Thanks smile

nannynick Sun 19-Oct-08 14:08:49

If you will be having someone live-in, then perhaps you may find someone willing to accept £150-£200 per week, which would mean you need to operate Simplified PAYE. NMW rules do not apply to live-in staff. If they live-out, then you will need to pay at least NMW, the amount is based on their age.

2. If the au-pair is working during any point in that trip, then Yes I would consider the entire time of that trip to be working hours. However it is between you and your employee to discuss such matters and come to an agreement.

kittywise Sun 19-Oct-08 15:21:39

Thanks nanynick. I am right in thinking that a mother's help is unqualified?

I have been looking on the au pair sites as well. The information regarding the definition of a mother's help/ their hours/ wages are HUGE. I must say though that none have quoted as large a sum as you!!

nannynick Sun 19-Oct-08 16:11:47

As I see it:

Au-Pair: visiting the UK to study English and the culture. They get pocket money plus board and lodgings.

Mothers-Help: Unqualified nanny, often doing more household tasks than childcare. Could involve family laundry, family cooking, general household cleaning. They are an employee and can either live-out or live-in.

Nanny: Either Qualified or Unqualified, typically providing sole-charge care of children, with only some household tasks which are directly related to the children, such as children's laundry, cooking for children. Are an employee, can live-out, or live-in.

If a nanny is costing £400-£550 per week (see another thread today), then £150-£200 per week I don't see as being unrealistic for a mothers-help. Just my view of course.

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