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Babysitting - would you need insurance?

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AbbaFan Sat 18-Oct-08 16:23:51

If you are doing a private babysitting job would you need to have any type of insurance.

I am just thinking if a child had an accident while you were there you need to protect yourself from being sued.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 18-Oct-08 16:32:08

most nannies have insurance anyway - with mm, so we would be covered

prob worth getting some tbh if you want to be/work with children

AbbaFan Sat 18-Oct-08 16:37:16

I childmind from home, so have insurance for that.

I also work for Sitters, so would be covered for any jobs I do for them.

Was just wondering how I stand with private babysitting.

nannynick Sat 18-Oct-08 16:49:28

Your childminding insurance may cover it, but it may not... best to ask the insurer.
Does sitters have insurance? I thought they considered that their babysitters were self-employed. I would advise checking with them with regard to insurance cover... I would not assume it was in place.
You could have a chat with Sarah at MM, she may be able to advise on what policies they could offer. I'm not aware that they do a policy just for babysitting... but their childminder policy may include it.
I've babysat for over 18 years, during which a lot of that time I've not had insurance. I currently have nanny insurance via MM, which may cover me when I babysit, though as I have yet to make a claim against that insurance, I do not know for sure. As with any insurance policy, you don't know how good it is until there is a claim.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 18-Oct-08 16:57:41

very true nick

hopefully none of us will ever have to make a claim

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