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Childminder in Lewisham

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GinaFordAteMyBaby Thu 16-Oct-08 13:38:28

I'm looking for a childminder in Lewisham and have been in touch with my local coordinator, but so far all of the names I've been given haven't called me back when I've left messages. I don't know if this is simply because they don't have vacancies.

Does anyone know of any other route I can try or have any recommendations? I am not too far from the station and Blackheath/Greenwich and so would prefer to have someone near that end rather than Hither Green/Catford way. I'm looking for sommeone for a couple of days a week so if anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful. Thanks.

I've also posted this in my local talk section.

rosiebud Sat 20-Jun-09 06:43:42

Hi I am a registered childminder based in Eltham close to Falconwood Train station I have space for babies or preschool children fro Sept 09,Let me know if you are interested can mind from 7am until 6pm although flexible.

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