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Childminder's - Accreditation experience?

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miamum Sun 06-Mar-05 09:16:50


Spare time on my hand's (that i do not want to use for housework!!)

Has anyone become accredited?
Is it extremely administration heavy?
Did you get a lot more interest?
Does it make Ofsted inspections shorter - have been given nod that it may as you have put more work and thought in??


alibubbles Sun 06-Mar-05 13:50:10

Hi, I have just been accredited but we are waiting fir the network to be accredited. We need 3 childminders to have gone through the process before they could apply for accreditation and for Ofsted to inspect us.

It wasn't too onerous, particularly if you prepared for the visits, ie: read about what you were going to be asked about for that particular session. It must have taken about 10 hours with my network coordinator, face to face.

I have spent a bit of time planning activities etc, recording and writing up, but this can be as simple as you like. Whatever suits you and the way you practice is best.

I have 2 mindies who will be eligible soon. They will only atend pre school 2 mornings, so I will get the funding for the other 3.

I did it as another opportunity for training etc, as I have been minding 18 years and I am always trying to find something else to do with children and learning

miamum Sun 06-Mar-05 14:08:29

Thanks for that!

Have not been minding for a huge amount of time and some of the contracts quite short due to MOD college mile or so away.

About 85% sure i will go ahead , just finishing off the quality assurance through the Trio network and they will go through the accreditation process with me too if i did go ahead.

I suppose i just get a nervous about inspections and things (self doubt creeps in!!)

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