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Weekend Staffroom - Come in and hide from your paperwork

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SammyK Sat 11-Oct-08 08:02:08

grin Hello!

I am a busy bee today, have an Early Years Conference all day, then after that I am off to Hull Fair with DP and DS.

What's everyone else up to?

tulip31 Sat 11-Oct-08 08:48:52


I had a wickes delivery at 7am this morning shock, the phone message said between 7am and 9.30am!

Now trying to find someone to help me move the doors out of my hall - very heavy and dh is away!

Then have mathes tutoring for ds1, window cleaner coming, karate for ds1 and then finally haircut and drinks with a friend once (hopefully) ds3 and 4 are asleep!! Tomorrow, I have to collect ds2 from cub camp, get more rest when they are at school with all the school runs etc

Hope everyone else has a calmer time wink

coolj Sat 11-Oct-08 09:23:57

Hi Sammyk and tulip31. Gosh you are busy arent you. Im sat here, not even dressed, neither are my 3 DS. One of my dogs has got into a habit of whenever I sit with my laptop, he brings me a ball to play with. I am trying hard to ignore him as he is relentless. We played for hours yesterday.

Anyway once I finish my cuppa, Im going to sort everyone out, pack a few things and head off to my caravan for the night. All my house work and laundry is up to date, thank goodness.

Although my 2 older sons want to drag me somewhere to look at bicycles and laptops for Christmas (they are being hopeful).

So have a great relaxing/busy day everyone. grin

mumlove Sat 11-Oct-08 10:11:26

My paper work has to hide this weekend as it's birthday time, so I have come to hide from that!
DD had her party last night, going to her best friends party this afternoon and then got my parents and DSS comming for tea tomorrow. But also the rest of the family will drop in.
I will look forward to Monday morning grin.

Hope you all have a fun weekend. Off to get the shopping now.

nannynick Sat 11-Oct-08 17:40:06

Im coming down with a cold I think, had v.restless night, hot cold flushes etc. Did 7 hours care today, which had its little dramas, but not unusual. Currently taking Lemsip so I get through evening shift. Day off tomorrow, may try to spend morning in bed.

TheConfusedGhostoooohw Sat 11-Oct-08 17:45:08

I have done a hours paperwork, then ..................................................... Lay on the sofa reading while DH cooked lunch and dinner, and now going to have a lazy bath grin

(my turn to do everything tomorrow tho)

See eventually children grow up and you get your life back grin

BoysAreLikeRabidDogs Sat 11-Oct-08 17:47:58

Had a horrid night last night, there is a thread on it sad

Been in and out today, bit of this, a bit of that.

DS1 watching old Top Gear on Dave TV, DS2 asleep (been to a party this afternoon)

Have a quiet night all

KatyMac Sat 11-Oct-08 20:01:46

I slept in
I went sailing
I baked

I feel awful - I think I did too much

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