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Same subject different heading - need au pair advice please!

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goreousgirl Thu 03-Mar-05 23:21:22

I may be v niave (is that how you spell it?)- But I took on an au pair nearly 3 weeks ago - she so far, has been too good to be true, and I am waiting for something to go wrong....

I am paying her £60 per week for 5 hrs a day + £5 per hour 'extra' - so far each week she's earnt £90 in total. She has a beautiful big room and en-suite, and looks after my 9 mo old and sometimes the 5 year old.

'in conversation' she told me that her school is costing £600 for 5 months, and that her friend at school is earning £200 per month with her family (live in) - it all felt like a bit of a hint.

She's 26 - truly wonderful, totally ignores her 'required hours', and feels much more like a nanny than an au pair.

The £60 per week is a stretch for us (I am hoping to get some work from home to pay her more, and hire her for longer each day).

Any pearls of wisdom out there? Shall I ignore conversation - or am I being REALLY mean with money?

Kittermaster Sat 05-Mar-05 10:58:18

I think that you are paying a fair wage.

I pay £90 per week for about 30 hours per week.

My au pair is also a gem.

You may want to offer to pay for her school upfront and then take it off her weekly wage each week - she may find the upfront fee quite a struggle.

I run an on line service so next time you need another star, try


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