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crib sheet for new nanny...

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chloeb2002 Thu 09-Oct-08 22:41:10

Hello we have a new nanny starting with us next week so i want to make out a kind of crib sheet for her to help her get used to the daily routine.
she is coming from the uk and we are in aus so kind of need to include some cultural stuff and ideas for day out friends numbers etc for cups of coffee and anyother stuff?
Im working shifts so different routines depending on my shift. early or late. how detailed should i be? anyone done this before?

SimpleAsABC Fri 10-Oct-08 11:45:25

I'd include everything.. kind of like an idiots guide - but then make sure she realises that you've only done it as a back up for her, should she be unsure about anything!

IMO, if you cover everything now, it leaves less room for errors later.


weddingcake Fri 10-Oct-08 21:56:57

Make sure you include things like washing machine instructions etc. There's nothing worse than being in someone else's house feeling really dumb because you can't work out which buttons to press on an appliance you know should be straight forward!

woodstock3 Sat 11-Oct-08 20:24:24

depends how old your kids are. but i did a pack for our new nanny with the baby's basic daily routine (nap and mealtimes etc); a list of useful numbers (our mobiles and work numbers obvously, doctor, dentist, etc); rough diary of various local activities (what days and where the various playgroups are on, timetables for swimming and soft play etc, plus stuff like location of nearest chemists etc); a guide to stuff in the house (instructions for how to work washing machine, dishwasher, where the fusebox is etc) and a note of where things are kept that aren't obvious (eg spare supplies of stuff, thermometer etc).
also had a list of things he did or didn't eat (at that stage he was quite little and there were loads of things he hadn't tried so it was more about lettng her know if she was giving him something new, so we could know what it was if he had any allergic reactions, but for older kids would be useful to know if there's anything they hate).
i wrote it all down in the back of a big notebook that we now use to leave notes for each other, eg if he had calpol at what times, what he's eaten that day, anything the other one needs to know so that handovers are efficient (especially useful when it's dh who has got home first, she has told him a load of important things and he has promptly forgotten it all).
i went for more detail rather than less but made it quite clear that it didnt mean i didnt trust her, just it was there if she needed it!

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