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CMs in Canary Wharf

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tadpolesmum Thu 09-Oct-08 15:11:26


I will be looking for a pt CM in chary wharf starting early next year for my daughter who will be 8 months old. Is there anyone in that area?

I dont know if its a daft idea but I was thinking of finding someone around the corner from the office which means I could pop in and feed DD every 3 or so hrs and maybe spend some time with her during my lunch break. Does anyone else do this or is it totally impractical? As you can probably tell the thought of going back to work is already making me break out in cold sweat.

Any experiences/advice would be greatly appreciated.

nbee84 Thu 09-Oct-08 15:53:41

My immediate thought is that it would be very disruptive for a childminder to have to be in for you to come and feed every 3 hours - and also every lunch time for you to pop into see your dd. Most childminders do not spend all day indoors - they are out and about at toddler groups, drop in centres, visiting other cms etc. Also at 8 months old your dd won't need a bf every 3 hours - you should be able to drop to a morning and evening feed at that age. It would also be very upsetting for your dd to see her Mum so briefly and then be left again. 8 months is a typical age for 'seperation anxiety' and to have Mum popping in and out all day will only make this worse.

tadpolesmum Thu 09-Oct-08 16:05:51

thanks nbee good points i need to mull over

happyfaceschildcare Fri 10-Oct-08 13:09:05

have to agree with nbee as a childminder I am hardly ever in and when I am we are doing activities it would be a bit disruptive to the other children in my care as I don't encourage visitors whilst I'm working and even tho you'd be a parent to your lo you'd just be a visitor to the other children, also think it would be harder for your lo seeing you come and go, if your company are happy for you to pop out and feed every three hours say you'd be half hour could you not save those hours up and leave early at the end of the day ? just a thought.

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