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Thursday Staff Room

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KatyMac Thu 09-Oct-08 09:15:26

Hi all

Busy morning - liaising with my link teacher to learn about EYFS transitions (lots of fun)

Then paperwork, paperwork, paperwork - all household today so I get up to date before I start my OU course

Feeling a bit brighter this am - but still tired & very achy

coolj Thu 09-Oct-08 09:49:28

Morning Katy, glad to hear you are feeling a bit better today. Good luck with all the paperwork grin.

We are getting ready to go a walk to feed some chickens.

Have a good day everyone.

OFSTEDoutstanding Thu 09-Oct-08 10:05:12

Hi everyone have just posted a thread in nurseries was wondering if you could have a look for me and give me any advice you may have. here it is!
I am probably being really silly even thinking about it but I am not sure how much longer I can go on for as a cm tbh.

changingsoon Thu 09-Oct-08 10:12:19

its very sunny here and not even that cold. have just put washing out, mindees pass me the pegs and put dolls washing on their own line.

off to toddlers in a mo.

have to put covering letter with my huge pile of new polices, what should i write? its for parents to sign that they have read and agree to them.


MrsPuddleduck Thu 09-Oct-08 10:15:59

I have recently looked into opening a nursery with a friend of mine but have bottled it so to speak, but only because of the current economic crisis and the costs involved. However, if it is set up and running I would definitely look into it if I were you!

I would need to be really clear in my mind why the current owners are giving it up. Check it's not because they can't fill their places or anything.

Sounds like a great oportunity. Why don't you call someone at your local Early Years (or equivalent) for a chat about what you would need to do?

Good luck with it.

(sorry if I'm butting in - don't know whether or not I'm allowed in the staff room!)

OFSTEDoutstanding Thu 09-Oct-08 10:58:03

Of course you are allowed in. Thank you for the advice the current owners are giving up due to family committments and retirement the spaces are all full most days and it has a really good reputation will give Early years a call and see what they say.

SammyK Thu 09-Oct-08 12:06:29

Hi all. smile

So just bumped into a perfectly nice parent from ds's school,who asked me what I charge as she isn't sure what to charge her friend for looking after her child. hmm I was a bit gobsmacked.

Do people not know you have to be registered? Or not care? She seems nice enough, but we know the risks involved, and I did't know what to say to her without coming across as arsey. (See her everyday)

tulip31 Thu 09-Oct-08 12:17:02

Afternoon ladies,

SammyK - shocked but I had this from a mum at school the other day and I explained that if she was charging and 'god forbid' got reported then she could end up in trouble and was it worth it.

Ofsted - good luck with your enquires and whatever you decide to do.

Changing soon - would just put a form in saying 'please print, sign and date on the form below to acknowldege that you have seen and read my policies...'

Coolj - hope you had fun with the chickens

Katymac - hope your paperwork goes ok.

I'm having a horrid day, dh in hongkong and I'm coping with grotty 1 year old when my cold has come out full force! Hope everyone elses day goes ok

MrsPuddleduck Thu 09-Oct-08 12:21:18

Sammy - I am newly registered but since my DS1 has just started reception and I am now more aware of things I am quite surprised at the amount of mothers who seem to look after various other children. I am pretty sure that there is one other childminder collecting from the school (as it is obvious) but no others. One of the mum's in his class has a different child I would say three days out of five. More fool the parents I say.

It is annoying that you go through all the proper channels and try and do a professional job when some people seem to get away without bothering.

I spent the morning while I was quiet sorting out through all the paperwork I have received during the process of registration. It took about an hour (I binned some of it). Just as I finished the post arrived and I had a three inch wedge of stuff from the house has turned into what looks like an explosion in a paper factory and I only have one mindee one and a half days so far....

I am really enjoying it though smile

eleanorsmum Thu 09-Oct-08 13:25:49

hi all, I've got an hour off from everyone! one mindee on hols now for 2 weeks, one not in today an dd at school now, but do have new baby mindee coming for an hour later, start of settling in! quite looking forwards to the cuddles but think mum will struggle, bless her.

enjoy the sunshine all!

NumberFour Thu 09-Oct-08 16:13:03

got a 5 year old throwing a tantrum, i guess vomitting will be next.

roll on friday

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