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BAFA and other references

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lune77 Wed 08-Oct-08 19:16:11

How good is a BAFA certificate and do I need to call and speak to the past employers even if they have given a written reference?.. my husband's very keen on me doing all kinds of checks although personally i feel quite satisfied after meeting with the aupair. She seems very nice. She has a BAFA certificate and a certificate in first aid. She has worked with small kids as a nanny and as a baby sitter. She already has a course for english she is attending here. She seems quite sorted.. what do you think??? also how many weeks are they supposed to take off for holidays.. and let's say we agree on 25hours for a week and if we go over 2 or 3 hours some week (for some reason) how much do i pay for that time?? and evening baby sitting... how late is acceptable and reasonable?... sooooo many questions!!

frannikin Wed 08-Oct-08 19:39:36

Yes always call written references.

I have no idea what a BAFA certificate is...

Evening babysitting it depends whether you want her awake the whole time or not. If you don't then as late as you like but make it clear she can go to sleep. If you want her awake then 11pmish? But don't take the mick obviously. She probably won't sleep brilliantly knowing that she's 'on call'.

Having live in help is always a bit of give and take. If you know you won't be able to trade that time for time off the following week, or an extra day off if she builds up a couple of other hours then maybe £5/hour, depending on how good you think she is.

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