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Childminders - how long would you expect it to take for a 6 month old baby to settle in?

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funkypumkin Wed 08-Oct-08 09:46:27

Baby at childminder Mon, Tues, Thur but changing to three consecutive days in a couple of weeks. She's only ever been looked after at home by mum and dad so far. How long do you think it would take for her to settle? Do you think a couple of months? Any tips to make it easier?

funkypumkin Wed 08-Oct-08 14:51:58


hennipenni Wed 08-Oct-08 14:59:42

Sorry but it's all individual to each child. For instance I had one mindee who started with me at 6 months who just didn't settle - I was willing to give him longer but parents decided after 3 days that he wasn't going to settle and so removed him from my care, I later found out that this was a regular thing and the poor child had been through so many nurseries and childminders in a very short space of time. However two other mindees (have them both still) started at 6 months, one took a few weeks to settle but did nicely and the other settled like a dream as if he'd always been here.

happyfaceschildcare Thu 09-Oct-08 11:11:29

Hi funkypumkin can understand your concerns, when I am taking on new mindees I always get the parents to come round with baby so they can familiarise themselves with surroundings whilst hearing mum and cm chatting getting on so they feel more relaxed then get mum to leave baby first for an hour then gradually increasing leaving times by time baby is left full time they are normally already pretty settled, if there are difficulties you could leave something that smells of you behind like a jumper if lo has special comforter for nap times all these little things help, depends on the child really aswell like hennipenni says

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