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South coast childminder says 'Hello'

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blodwen Wed 02-Mar-05 20:51:07

Just thought I'd say Hello to fellow childminders out there. Am fairly new to MN, but have enjoyed reading threads to do with CM. Think it's a great idea!

KatieMac Wed 02-Mar-05 21:32:13

Hi Blodwen,

How long have you been childminding?

Are you busy?

Nice to see you here....

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Mar-05 21:51:50

hi Blodwen


SPARKLER1 Wed 02-Mar-05 21:53:12

I'm not a childminder but just wanted to say hello. I'm in the South coast too. Where are you?

blodwen Wed 02-Mar-05 22:39:49

Thanks for your welcomes! I have been childminding for 14 years, and yes, I am very busy! I have 11 children on my register at the moment - ranging from 12 years down to 5 weeks! The 12 year old will be leaving this Summer, and moving up to secondary school after 11.5 years with me! She will be sorely missed. In between are ages 9 weeks, 15m, 2 x 2y, 3y, 4y, 5y, 7y, &10y (all been to me since 3-6m). They are (almost) all teachers children, so I have school holidays off! I live in West Sussex.

KatieMac Wed 02-Mar-05 22:46:52

Wow - what a lot of children

How nice that they have stayed with you for so long

I've got 2 x 16m, 1 x 19m, 1 x 2y10m, 1 x 3y, 1x7yo
and I just interviewed 1 x 5m & 1 x 2y

I've lost 2x2y, 1 x 10y this last 2 months, it's so sad.

I have a lot of teachers children too...but I'm trying to fill those weeks with holiday kids

KatieMac Wed 02-Mar-05 22:47:35

Oh I forgot my 5yo

blodwen Wed 02-Mar-05 22:54:14

Wow - you have lots too! It's a great job, isn't it. You are brave to fill your holidays up too. I'm afraid I am lazy then. How long have you been a CM? I read about you interview earlier. Sounds very positive that they left the older child with you already. Good luck with it.

KatieMac Wed 02-Mar-05 22:57:59

It will be 2 y in April.

Ithink I want to fill up my hols 'cos I'm broke.

Last Oct my husbands pension went belly up....I'm waiting to hear from the Financial Ombudsman about that.

And currently we are having an extension built....for the children - so that is extra cost too

And I'd (stupidly) bought DH a new car in Sept - so I've got to pay for that too

blodwen Wed 02-Mar-05 23:02:38

I'm sure there must be quite a demand for holiday care. It's probably quite fun - especially if you don't have to try and cater for under 5's aswell. It's always harder with a wide age range to keep everyone happy! I've just been watching the parenting programme on ITV. Did you see it? Scary!

KatieMac Wed 02-Mar-05 23:06:07

I don't like them much. They seem to show parents who are 'proud' of not being able to cope. The only thing worse is the Nanny/nursery/C-mer from hell type progs,

I'm off to bed chat agian soon (well I'll be back tomorrow anyway)

ssd Thu 03-Mar-05 07:34:55

Hi blodwen! Welcome to MN! I'm a childminder from sunny(!) Glasgow! I only c/m part-time, I've got young 'uns myself and they are still a lot of work by themselves! So part-time suits me (but not my wallet).

That's great that you've had your mindees for so long - you must be doing something right!

If you ever get the time, could you give us "newies" some pearls of wisdom you've gained over the years.Eg. dealing with late parents, kids you take on that don't get along with your own, how to fill vacancies.........Any advice would be welcome!

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