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Does anyone have an ABC Everest Twin Buggy with Static Toddler Seat

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mum2akebk Thu 02-Oct-08 19:50:41


Hope someone might be able to help me!

I am a childminder and about to care for 3 young children. I want to buy a pushchair that the children will be comfortable in and also that is easy to push. The above buggy has brilliant reviews and I would love to buy one. However, I am not very tall - only about 5ft 1in and as the toddler seat sits on top of the buggy I am concerned that I wont be able to see over the top especially with the rain cover on!!!
I have sent numerous e-mails to the Company (they must be fed up with me) and they have been really helpful-however I am still not convinced I am tall enough for this pushchair.

I wondered if anyone has this pushchair and how high easy the visibility might be for someone like me. It has been suggested that it is not necessary to stand completely behind the toddler seat whilst pushing the buggy-but I would think this might be quite awkward-especially if it is tipping down with rain and I want to get home quickly!!!

Thanks for any advice-if I don't buy this pushchair then I think I will probably buy this one instead:-

(Sorry message was so long)


cmx2 Thu 02-Oct-08 19:56:36

i have one best thing i ever bought lol.
i'm only 5'4 and manage really well. you can stand to one side and it would still be really easy to push. the raincover i have doesnt cover the child in the toddler seat, they need to have their own rain coat on. do you plan on getting the canopy for the toddler seat / i havent got one and dont have any need for one.

mum2akebk Thu 02-Oct-08 20:05:55

I was planning on getting the rain canopy as I wasn't too keen on the child in the toddler seat getting wet. The child who would probably sit there is only 21 months.

As you are 3 inches taller than me (I wish I could stretch myself sometimes!) do you have any problems at all-do you find you have to stand to one side? I think without the rain canopy I wouldn't have too much of a problem-maybe I could buy one of those buggy brollies which attach to a pushchair and keep both myself and the child in the toddler seat dry!

Thanks for your reply.


busymum1 Thu 02-Oct-08 20:06:09

cat me please for phone number of my friend

TheConfusedOne Thu 02-Oct-08 20:16:35

Would one of these work n the toddler seat.

TheConfusedOne Thu 02-Oct-08 20:18:52

or these

cmx2 Thu 02-Oct-08 20:18:54

hi no i have no problem seeing over/round the child. i have a 2yr 2mnth in the top seat, i have bought a cover all raincover. you know the type we used to use years and years ago. they cover the buggy and the child has a hood if you look on ebay you will probably find the ones i mean. it works well with a little adjustment lol
i love mine, it is heavy to lift but not to push. its comfy, turns on a pin, folds very flat but is still tall. love it lots lol


mum2akebk Thu 02-Oct-08 20:45:24


Those raincapes look like a great idea TheConfusedOne-think that might be a route I go down rather than the canopy-which I am sure I wont be able to seee over!!

It's great to know that you have managed without the canopy cmx2-talking about folding-do you take the wheels off to fit it in your car? I have a Vauxhall Zafira and am hoping it might fit in with one of the seats down-although realise it may mean removing wheels.

cmx2 Thu 02-Oct-08 21:05:30

i have a 9 seater mini bus with a vary big boot space. i put it on its side going in line with the car iyswim. i have to remove the front wheels and the handles for the smallest fit. but if i didnt have 3 other buggies in the boot it would lie flat with loads of space. it is very flat but very tall when folded. if i remember my friend zafia i dont think it would have fit with one seat up, probably need both down. check the folded sizes and measure your boot before you buy, especially if your getting a brand new one.

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