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clairelou8 Thu 02-Oct-08 14:05:41

Hello i have just recently become a registered childminder and have vacanices for up to 4 children full/partime from 8am -6pm i have 3 chidren of my own 12yrs 6yrs and 2yrs old, i enjoy working with children watching them grow and develop into thier own character , i go to mother and toddlers twice a week and bounce and rhyme at our local library. If anyone knows of anyone looking for a childminder i would be gratfeul if you would ask them to contact me.

shelloula Fri 17-Oct-08 11:23:24

Hi Claire

Do you still have any spaces chick? if so where abouts are you and what do you charge, have been offered new job which they want me start like yesterday!! lol i ain't rushin too much, putting your child in the right care is more important than anything!!
i need fulltime from about 8.30 to 4.30ish he does do two mornings a week at the methodist church pre-school, that maybe too much for you but thought i'd mention it, if i have to pull him out then i shall, you said you went to other clubs anyway didn't you?
Oh and he's 2, totally gorgeous very cheeky and quite lively!!!

PLease get back to me
Shell x

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