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Chilminder Fees & advice Can you help??

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lumpybum Mon 29-Sep-08 19:50:42

Ladies, just need some advice (sorry if I sound like I am ranting)
I have a fab childminder (or so I thought) I feel that she is being a bit slack as she isn't doing very much with my daughter, When I read through dd's day book she used to take her here there any everywhere, now it just looks like she goes to her friends house(all day) I'm not sure how to discuss it with her without her thinking I am picking fault in her...any advice??

The other thing that really bugged me tonight is that I pay her in arrears on a monthly basis, on the last day of the month (being tomorrow) but she now wants me to pay her for Wed, Thur & Friday saying it makes it easier for her account you think this is acceptable (it works out nearly £100 extra than I had allowed for), i have always paid up to the last day of the month, again I don't know how to approach her without her thinking I am just picking.
What do you think, do you think I am being picky?

MrsWeasley Mon 29-Sep-08 19:54:50

Just tell her you havent got the money right now. She is asking for a change in contract and therefore should give you notice.

As for being at a friends house I would want more details about the friend TBH and why she is always there. Perhaps mention that DD has missed not going to XXXX.

lumpybum Mon 29-Sep-08 20:34:36

The friend is also a childminder but to be honest spending nearly all day (everyday) isn't exactly showing variety, I know the weather isn't always great so I'm not expecting her to take chloe to the park everyday but there are other things to do..(?)
I have just looked through my diary and most last days fall on either a thursday or friday so I haven't really got anything to back me up.
I am going to check the contract (if I can find it )to see exactly what it says.
Surely as she doesn't have chloe on a Monday, Tuesday through to Friday can be added to next months
I just don't want to p her off by paying her what I feel I owe her as at the end of the day I don't want my daughter to suffer

cmx2 Thu 02-Oct-08 19:43:33

i think you are very lucky. i cm and ALL my parents pay a month in ADVANCE. if you pay her after she has worked maybe with the cost of everything going up she can no longer afford to pay to go places. is she in a town or village ? if she has to pay petrol, parking etc before she does something perhaps she is just skint?

kitkate Thu 02-Oct-08 20:27:50

Hi I am a childminder and my advise would be to arrange a chat with your childminder and explain your concerns and there could be a very easy solution that suits you both. And I think you are right to raise why she is spending most days at a friends house, this is ok occasionaly, but children need varied experiences each day

Pinkranger Thu 02-Oct-08 20:35:59

i am also a childminder and agree totally with kitkate, talk about the payment and arrange to meet half way, most of my parents pay weekly in advance but 1 pays in arrears and the other is so adhoc i ask for payment on day!
As for visiting people it is hard, i have 2 childminder friends, one i see twice a week but never at our house's always at groups etc and the other one we do go to her her ( or she to mine) for about 4 hours but that is at the most twice a month

SammyK Fri 03-Oct-08 09:32:59

Hi I am a cm, and would never ask for a parent to pay me differently / extra that month! shock If she wants to change how you pay on your contract you need a contract review, where you sit down together and work it out, and with say, 4 weeks notice so you can budget!

If you have a sit down chat you could also maybe bring up the activities too. Is ithat you want your dd going to places? Or is cm not doing activities at her home either? Think what you would like before you speak to her.

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