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Bunburying Sat 27-Sep-08 18:14:52

I am after some opinions if anyone please has the time.
I am working as a nanny.
I look after school aged children and I get paid for a 5 day week 12 hour day (7-7). I do school runs (more then 3 in a day), childrens washing, cook for whole family, grocery shopping, run errands, tidy the kitchen and have done things like move furniture, put shelves up and other things not nanny like. I also do things unasked such as thier ironing if I am feeling nice but never ever get a thankyou My boss never comes home before 8 so I cannot do anything in the evenings (such as sport). They never give me petty cash but pay for everything myself and am reimbursed when I remind them. I do have some time during the day when I am not doing any duties but I cannot do my own thing in case something happens to one of the children. Anyway, both parents are away this weekend so I have all the kids. This I will charge them for overtime and proxy parenting as it is my time off. As a parent employing a nanny how would you like to be approached in order to discuss the matter of money?

nannynick Sat 27-Sep-08 18:42:44

I'm not a parent employing a nanny, so you don't want my view grin

As a nanny, I would be keeping records of all money paid out, and then putting in a claim for that either weekly (if amount is quite high), or monthly. For example I do this with my mileage claim... I keep an accurate record of the miles I do, along with date and place we visited, then put in a claim every 4 weeks.

I think you need a review of your working hours... as you say you get paid for 7-7 but are working 7-8 or later. Also worth discussing pay amounts for overtime, such as weekends.

Bunburying Sat 27-Sep-08 19:20:37

I would love your view NannyNick. You seem a font of knowledge here on MN .

MeanBeans Sat 27-Sep-08 19:46:35

Not entirely sure what your question is about. Are you saying that you feel underpaid? and/or unappreciated? or is it that you don't get reimbursed unless you ask that's annoying you?

Your post gives the impression that you have some sort of simmering resentment about your job (not sure which aspect of it). Given that, you need to be clear with yourself exactly waht you want to achieve by discussing things with your employer (is it just money?), otherwise your discussions might end up being too emotional and counterproductive.

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