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Young People discounts etc for Au Pairs

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Hotpants Sat 27-Sep-08 11:04:40

We are getting our new au pair on Tuesday and I am new to all this...
She is a European citizen (Danish), age 18 and will probably do no more than 2-4 hours sudying a week.
My children are little so I know nothing about what discounts there are for young people of this age, eg, on public transport, NHS prescriptions, trains, buses, language courses, other part time courses etc. Do our young au pairs have to pay full adult rate on everything?
Any pointers gratefully received...

marmadukescarlet Sat 27-Sep-08 11:07:02

She can buy a young persons railcard, they cost £24 and you get 1/3 of rail travel - obviously only worthwhile if she is going to use the train!

weathershore Sat 27-Sep-08 20:43:42

if in London she can apply for a student Oyster card.
Lots of shops especially fashion shops offer discounts on proof of a valid student card.
Clubs theatres gyms offer student rates

livinginadreamworld Sun 28-Sep-08 07:05:25

your au pair wants to get an isic (international student card) or and iytc (international youth card). They both offer similar discounts. The youth card is available if you are not a student and under 26, wheras u must be a current registered student for the student card. Lists of possible discounts and applications for both are at:

hope this helps and your au pair experience goes well!

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