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feel so rubbish

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crapolananny Wed 24-Sep-08 20:48:52

Anyone else every spent a day working so so very hard, doing everything you can think of to please your new boss. Literally not sitting down for a cup of tea in 10 and a half hours out of sheer desperation to be "good". and then your new boss points out your flaws, and you feel like shit.

weve talked it through, i think she understood and she was nice about it.

im over sensitive though and now just feel like shit, i take things to heart i know. but god i feel rubbish.

If i had done nothing all day and been lazy i wouldnt have minded its that i worked SO hard, and it wasnt quite good enough, thats whats worse. perhaps im not cut out for this?

geraldinetheluckygoat Wed 24-Sep-08 20:53:11

Im positive youre not a crapola nanny because you obviously care a lot about what you do. Youve just had a crapola day! smile
Maybe shed had a shitty day too? What were her complaints, if they werent big things, i would try not to let it worry you, keep working hard and surely you will be appreciated? Rubbish when you have a day like this though, I take things to heart to and know you must feel really down about it, but i bet it wont feel so bad in the morning...

crapolananny Wed 24-Sep-08 21:08:40


Yer she said she had had a bad day. They were tiny things, ok god if she reads this now she will deffo know its me lol.

Id left some things from unloading the dishwasher sitting on the side cos i didnt know where they went. And id left the clean pots dripping dry beside the sink. (because the kids were finished dinner by that point and being hyper and needed baths) I just feel like I dont really know how I could have done that differently. She perfectly justified to tell me what to do - she pays me after all. Its just I literally am cramming everything I can in to the day. She suggested doing less activities with the kids, thing is if I get them settled at an actual activity it gives me a chance to do cleaning etc in kitchen (eg if they are doing play dough at kitchen table) where as if they were in play room they would be making a huge mess and if have to come through every 2 min to stop arguing.

I guess its just a settling in period. I feel bad tonight though, your right i will prob feel better in the morning. She was very complimenetary about me I know that, but I really can hardly remember that bit, I just remember feeling so about the pots thing.

When I was training I remember a tutor saying "small things can seem like big things on placements" and I guess its a bit like that. Im here in tears over a few bloody pots. I just so want to succeed at something.

geraldinetheluckygoat Wed 24-Sep-08 21:20:10

You poor thing, please dont get in a state over the pots, I would LOVE it if someone emptied the dishwasher and left a few things on the side, and if someone left pots of the draining board, i would think "brilliant, i dont have to scrub them!!". It's really hard managing two hyper kids, and the housework (i have 2 manic little boys and am a childminder), sometimes something has to give. My house often looks like a bombsite at the end of the day because its as much as i can do to feed and clean up kids and floor before parents come to pick up the mindee! You are on the right track setting up an activity so you can get jobs done at end of day, although maybe that creates MORE cleaning up! Are you allowed to put the telly on at all, and will they sit quietly and watch to give you a chance to whip round before bath time and tidy? Mine have bedtime hour on cbeebies, warm milk and they sit in their chairs while i try to clean up!

crapolananny Thu 25-Sep-08 19:35:28

Hiya, thanks so much. Today was much much better although I did feel a bit akward. This morning I felt really demotivated but I guess all I can do is my best. Really appreciated your replies though Very kind. xx

Shelley33 Thu 25-Sep-08 20:18:40

I don't post on here very much, but had to respond, that I had a similar thing in a job once, (I'm a nanny!) It never seemed 'quite' good enough for my boss, she never seemed to notice what I did, more what I didn't do, if you get my drift! Like you I was very keen to please and practically bent over backwards to try and do everything she asked, plus look after her three very full on kids. Some days I worked 10 hrs without stopping. It came to a head though, we ended up having a bit of heated discussion about it, and do you know what? It made all the difference!! I'm not advocated having slanging matches between nannies and employers at all (not the best way!!!), but in my case, it really helped, my boss got off my back, I relaxed about getting everything done, and if I ran out of time to get a job done, it wasn't done and my boss was ok about it, as she realised I was only human with just one pair of hands!!

Life was soooo much more relaxed for everyone, so to sum up, you are not a crap nanny, infact you sound like a fab people pleaser! So just take each day as it comes, and well done for speaking up for yourself, I know how hard that can be!!

geraldinetheluckygoat Fri 26-Sep-08 00:18:07

brilliant that you had a better day! I bet by this time next week, you'll be feeling fine and doing a great job. You're right, all you can do is your best, and sheley makes a good point too, you DO only have one pair of hands!
good luck for tomorrow! smile

imananny Fri 26-Sep-08 10:59:49

poor you - have to say that your mb sounds a bit of a cow to moan that you left pots drip drying hmm

there are worse things to do imo!!

Glad you day went better, and agree a bit of tv after tea 9and homework) makes life asier while you sort last minute things out

nannyL Fri 26-Sep-08 19:01:03

dont be too disheartened...
yes they might fight in the playroom, but if you let them they soon learn to resolve things amoungst themselves (a very important skill IMO)

equally, yes they might make a mess playing with toys.... BUT that is what the playroom and toys are for IMO, and then they can tidy it away before bath (another important skill to learn)

I think the first few days / weeks in a nanny job are always they hardest and once you have settled in / got to know your way around the house / kitchen etc/ got to know the children and their personalities etc and got into a daily / weekly routine it very quickly becomes so much easier. smile

I cant see the problem with pots on the drainer either hmm.... i leave the washed up pots on the drainer EVERY night (other stuff in dishwasher).... either i put them away with the breakfast stuff the following morning OR MB / DB put them away and then put their pots to drip dry on the drainer and that goes away the following morning

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