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Mother's help / babysitter - do I/they need to get insurance?

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PazzaPlusTwo Mon 22-Sep-08 00:31:24

Hello - I am starting back at work part time soon, I mainly work from home and have found someone to look after our baby twins while I work in the next room (mainly - occasionally I will be out at a meeting).

Do I/she need to get insurance (Employers or Public Liability) - she will be working part time so not strictly my employee I would have thought.

Another option would be to hire her through my company as it has insurance (it is my company) - but is it legal for a company to hire a childcarer directly?

BTW - I would love to find a qualified, registered, insured nanny instead of a non-qualified person, but no luck so far!

nannynick Mon 22-Sep-08 09:25:43

You will already have Employers Liability insurance as part of your household insurance policy. Check your policy for the precise wording, but it's fairly common to be there.

She does not require insurance if she does not want it.

She would be your employee, regardless of the number of hours worked. There are some exceptions but it is very unusual for someone providing childcare in your home, not to be your employee. If it will be occurring on a frequent basis, then make them your employee.

PazzaPlusTwo Mon 22-Sep-08 21:30:28

Thanks Nannynick!

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