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Hand, Foot and Mouth ...........

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Tas1 Fri 19-Sep-08 20:29:00

The Mum of the twins I look after 4 mornings a week has rung to say the twins have hand, Foot and Mouth. I have looked on internet and different sites give different time periods of infection. Some say 7-10 days some say 3-6 days, they also say it can stay in the childs nappies for up to 4 weeks.
How long should I say the twins need to stay at home for before I can take them back? I think a week, what would you say?

smeeinit Fri 19-Sep-08 21:16:41

i come across this a couple of months ago... mindee stayed off for a week which is how long it took for the blisters to heal.
i wore gloves when changing nappies for about a month after.

SIOBHANB2008 Sat 20-Sep-08 16:57:17

at the nursery im currently at the exclusion is 6-8 days - they've just had an outbreak with 10+ children getting it.

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