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Cm Club: Wee..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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PinkChick Fri 19-Sep-08 13:44:51

Everywhere!..ALL DAY!!!

rising 5 mindee came at 6.30am ..had brekky, played, getting shoes and coat on at 8.25 (need to leave at 8.30 prompt to get them all to school in diff classes)..she puts shoes on , stands near front door and..wee's!?..i was in kitchen getting their water bottle together and she shouted me over and said shes just wee'd on the floor.. i saig oh x, why didnt you go to the toilet (calmly but inside thinking its 8.25, you're soaked, no spare school clothes or shoes, 2 mindees arriving any second..stress stress) and she said she 'didnt want too as she was playing and couldnt be botherd!' did she intentionally wee herself (being almost 5 and 'knowing' she neded to go? or get carried away playing?..but she HAD stopped palying and was sat in hall..13 steps away from toilet!? I flap about cleaning her down, changing her clothes , washing out her shoes, youngest mindee arrives..hoist her over the puddle into p[layrroom..clean floor, get mindee srted again, last mindee arrives..hoist him over still wet floor..get everyone set and race to school..then recall conversation with youngest mindees mum..she is in pants (2 yrs) as has been going to toilet at home! costantly ask do you need a wee wee?.."No" (she just DOESNT like to go when shes here, she thinks shes missing out on the fun ifs shes away for 2 secondssmile..we get to aprk, visitor center you need a wee?..No....get to play you need a wee..Yes...race to my mums shouse other side of park, get into bathroom...nothing!?..ok fine, we got there dry..sat down to eat lunch..mindee says..'pinkchick, my trousers are off to bathroom, change pants , trousers, socks wipe down try on toiilet incase anything to lunch...1 minut chick, im wet to abthroom, as we're about to leave and she naps i put on her one and only pull up after shes cleaned and changed.. back to finish lunch, getting ready to go pinkchick, can i have x (id bribed her if she went to toilet id buy her xgrinsmile...i say no darling, we havent been to toilet for wee have we?..mindee: ok ill go now...get to toilet..nappy full AND had done a pull ups left, no spare clothes left, older mindee due at school in 30 mins and was 30 min walk away!..panic!!!, put last pair of pants on and hope for bestsmile..rush off in opposite direction too cash!..card machine not working..race to machine..back to shop..stand in huuuuuuge for pull ups, race down to school, older mindee flying behind me like a balloon attatched to the pushchairsmilewink...drop him in at school..younger mindee falls asleep!..she alawys does a wee when she goes to sleep! home.mindee woken up ..quick change into fresh pull up and back off for nap (mindee not me unfortunatlywink).annnnnnnnd...we're done!

text mum to let her know as i didnt want her to think we just hadnt botherd as pull up was used and she would be in one of mine tonight and mum was fine and agrees she thinks shes sooo excited when she comes that she cant miss ANYTHING so wont go! drained!, but it IS fridaysmileand she is utterly adorablesmile..but she STILL wants her treat! LOL

BoysArrrrLikeDogs Fri 19-Sep-08 13:46:49

Phew !!!

PinkChick Fri 19-Sep-08 13:47:27

LOL..but im still smiling so it oksmile

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