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Nearly the end of the week! THURSDAY STAFF ROOM!

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southernbelle77 Thu 18-Sep-08 08:54:00

Crossants and coffee for anyone that wants it! And some fruit if you're feeling really healthy (clearly not me!)

No mindees yet so thought I'd open up! Took dd and after school mindee to school this morning (don't normally have mindee til after school but doing a favour for mum!)

Just cooking dinner now for later as trying ot be organised!

Off to drop in later with 3 littlies before doing the school run with 5 under 5's (2 rising 5's before anyone shouts!) so that will be fun. Was going to be more but other after schoolies not coming! MIL coming to help anyway

Have a good day all (hope the sun is shining lik it is hre )

southernbelle77 Thu 18-Sep-08 08:54:41

excuse all the missing 'e' s, keyboard playing up again!

nannynick Thu 18-Sep-08 08:58:39

Not much longer of my holiday left, 5 more days including today.
Todays task is to start de-cluttering... it could take many days to de-clutter my home.

tulip31 Thu 18-Sep-08 09:15:29

Morning. Coffee thanks haven't had any yet.

Done school and nursery run, so am now home with dc4 and trying to relax, before we visit another childminder friend for lunch today.

Hope drop in goes alright Sb, and good luck decluttering NN.

mumlove Thu 18-Sep-08 09:54:10

Morning everyone smile

No mindee today as she is spending the day with daddy.

Got 2 PP visits today so will still be busy.

Enjoy your day.

KatyMac Thu 18-Sep-08 10:45:02

Morning all - feeling a bit more positive tbh this am, things are getting sorted

mumlove Thu 18-Sep-08 12:03:35

1st parent has been with a lovely baby, so having some lunch before next visit.

PinkChick Thu 18-Sep-08 13:44:21

afternoon allsmile..had busy morning with 20 month mindee, 3 yr mindee and took new baby (7 mnth) mindee out with us to park for settling in session..was lovely, really sunny and warm, baby had 2 naps in the 2 1/2 hoursd she was with us and older baby mindee been asleep now since 11.45!..3 yr old at nursery!, so im doing mnetting shopping list as i go straight after work tonight.

gunna hit the fruit aisles big time as feeling really bleurgh altely and thats akll i seem to fancy!, so wont kill me for few days!, will help me shed this last 4 lbs before holiday..IN 9 DAYS grin

NumberFour Thu 18-Sep-08 13:53:07

Hello, everyone

I am really looking forward to the weekend. Been doing nearly 12 hours minding a day for the past two weeks and I am feeling like I need time out! SO SO SO far behind in my basic paperwork (attendance registers, acc and inc book) let alone tax bloody return.

But my one mindee is asleep and the other playing happily (at last) with my son and both will be off by 2.45 when I leave for the school run.

Count down to weekend...

coolj Thu 18-Sep-08 14:16:11

Afternoon ladies and Nick.. Hope you all had a good morning. We all went to a new Childminders toddler group which was good, then we went to the playpark before coming back for lunch. Its been a lovely warm day today. (for a change).
Just chilling before school run. grin.

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 18-Sep-08 17:39:42

Blimey, where has this week gone??


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