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CM Club: Need help with Social & Emotional development for 6-14yr olds (for a course)

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KatyMac Tue 16-Sep-08 11:25:33


I need some info on Social & Emotional development for 6-9 yr olds & 9-14yr olds for a course I am doing

I only need a paragraph for each

Any ideas (I do babiesblush)

tulip31 Tue 16-Sep-08 13:09:52


6 year old.
Can carry out simple tasks, such as peeling veg, watering plants, hanging up clothes and tidying the contents of drawers.
Choose friends manly because of their persnality and interests.
Can hold a long conversation with another child or an adult, naturally taking turns in speaking and listening.
Begin to compare themselves wit other people.

7 year old.
Learn how to control their emothions - they realise that they can keep their own thoughts private and hide their true feelings.
Begin to think in terms not only of who they are, but also of who they would like to be.
Are completely independent in washing, dressing and toileting skills.
May be able to speak for themselves ie when visiting doctor/dentist
May be critical of their own work at school
Form close friendships, mostly within their own sex

8 and 9 years
Have a growing sensitivity and begin to realise that others experience feelings similar to their own
Are easily embarrassed
Become discouraged easily
Take pride in their competence
Can be argumentative and bossy, but equally can be generous and responsive
Are beginning to see things from another's point of view, but still have trouble fully understanding the feelings and needs of others
Form friendships quite casually and may change them rapidly; friends will still primaryily be of the same gender, although they are beginning to show an interest in the opposite sex
Like to belong to informal 'clubs' formed by children themselves; also like to belong to more structured adult-led groups, such as cubs or brownies
Begin to display a sense of loyalty to a group
Enjoy secrets and jokes

Age 10 and 11
Show an increased ability to understand the needs and opinions of others
Can identify and label or describe what they are feeling
Become increasing self-conscious
Usually have a best friend and may form more intense, longer-lasting friendships on the basis of a variety of shared interests and things in common
May be experiencing sudden, dramatic, emotional changes associated with puberty (esp. girls)
Have a more defined personality - idea of self being partly defined by the school environment
Tend to be particularly sensitive to criticism
Prefer to spend leisure time with friends and continue to belong to small groups of the same sex
Succumb to peer pressure more readily and want to talk, dress and act like their friends
Become self-absorbed and intospective
Are more independent but still like adults to be present to help them

The next group they describe as 'adolescents' - 12 to 16 year olds
May alternate between behaving like a child and behaving as an adult, depending on the stage of phys dev
May become self-conscious or anxious about their phys changes (too short, too tall etc)
Develop a sexual identity
Often feel misunderstood
Can experience wide emotional swings
Want to be accepted and liked
Tend to identify more with friends and begin to separate from parents - they are less dependent on family for affection and emotional support
Seek recognition from their peers
Become more socially skilled and better at resolving conflicts
Become more introspective - this examination of their inner experiences may include writing a diary
Are able to think beyond themselves and to understand the perspective of others
Develop their own ideas and values which often challenge those of their parents
May deliberately flout rules or keep to them only if there is otherwise a risk of being caught.

Sorry this is sooooooo long, but thought I'd put all the bits down then you can pick and choose which ones that you want to include/use in your paragraph.
Hope this helps a little, Tulip

tulip31 Tue 16-Sep-08 13:10:40

Apologies, put Kath instead of Katy!! Was in auto typing!!

KatyMac Tue 16-Sep-08 13:11:24


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