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After school clubs - what's involved in setting one up?

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mogs0 Tue 16-Sep-08 09:55:28

Just wondering if anyone knows what the rules are and who I need to approach about it in the first place (ie, school, council, pta?).

All I know at the moment is that there isn't one at the school but am going to go and do a bit of investigating online to try and find out more!

overthemill Tue 16-Sep-08 09:56:46

ooh i would like to know about this too so will watch with interest!

KatyMac Tue 16-Sep-08 12:18:07

I would approach the head teacher or the govenors

The regulations for running them will be from Surestart/OFSTED have a look at their websites

Insurance can be Morton Michel or Pre-school earning alliance (I think)

There maybe grants available - you need to contact your Extended Schools officer at the council

It isn't that hard to set up - but sustainability and staffing will be your biggest worries

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