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Tuesday Staff Room

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tulip31 Tue 16-Sep-08 07:23:43

Me again! Wander in, open the windows, tidy up the cake crumbs and put the kettle on.

Working a long day today. Mindee arrived at 6.55am and will be here till 8pm. Starting my themes today, we are doing autumn and looking at leaves apples etc

Have a good day everyone grin ps no cakes today, was up at 3am yesterday with dc4 hence cakes being cooked, last night we had a far better night!

mumlove Tue 16-Sep-08 07:57:02

Morning everyone.
Having 10 mins quiet time before mindees arrive. 1st day of me dropping and collect mindee who has just started school. She looks so small to be wearing a school uniform! (must remember to pick her up at 12).

Music tots starts again this morning, mindee will enjoy that.
Enjoy your day.

eleanorsmum Tue 16-Sep-08 08:00:13

morning all!
full day today (well for me anyways!)
anyone got any ideas of classes i can go to with the little ones in the afternoons? Both paretns are willing to pay for a music session or something similar but they are all in the mornings and dd is at home then too (does school every afternoon!) don't really wnat to wait till january as will have new baby mindee then too! would like to give them quality time now!

ps - just emailed my variation, please cross all your fingers!

coolj Tue 16-Sep-08 11:34:31

Morning everyone. Tulip31 just to maybe give you an idea (although you probably already know), we collected a variety of leaves recently and grasses and flower heads. We stuck them onto paper and made a lovely collage then I laminated them to protect them. They came out really well although you have to make sure that its flat so it doesnt get stuck in laminator. Also we will be doing bark rubbings soon. If anyone has any more autumn ideas please let me know. grin Eleanorsmum, is their a Tumble Tots near you perhaps.

southernbelle77 Tue 16-Sep-08 13:13:57

Afternoon all! Mindees both alseep so I'm able to have some lunch again

Went to cm drop in this morning then back for lunch and now naps! Today has been pretty easy so far 6 children on way back from school though so it will be slightly more manic by then

Autumn theme is good! I'm doing 'healthy living' which covers a lot but each week a different theme within that, itms! Although this week have been slighly lax!

Good luck with variation EM

changingsoon Tue 16-Sep-08 13:25:24

hello all. how about a theme thread and ideas to do with it. pleeeeeze

looneytune Tue 16-Sep-08 14:13:19

Hello all

Just wanted to say thanks to those who gave support on 'that' thread wink I've actually got 2 asleep atm and eating lunch as I type It was another morning from hell though and boy am I jealous of those in my post natal group who are not going back to work til next year!! envy

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