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What records/receipts to do you have to keep for the VAT man? (or woman)

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MrsPuddleduck Mon 15-Sep-08 16:44:31

I am just about to start (at last). OFSTED assure me I will have my certificate by the end of this week and I already have a friend's child lined up to get me started.

What sort of receipts do you keep, especially for food and wipes etc?

Do you estimate a cost of each meal and snack?


Pipsical Mon 15-Sep-08 17:37:08

It is advisable to keep everything..It was stated in a letter recently from our county that even a reciept for a banana should be kept so should there be an illness caused, it is traceable further than yourself.
However saying that...NCMA have advised we do not need to have a receipt for anything below £10.00
Best practise would be to keep everything.
Good Luck!

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