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Girl looking for AP position

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friendinneedtoday Fri 12-Sep-08 14:11:15

I have been asked to post this by a friend:

"My name is Jana Nixon. I am 19, Canadian and I am looking to be an au pair for a family that lives near London ASAP. I am currently living in Italy as an au pair and it is not working out here for me due to language difficulties. I am a happy, positive and open minded person. I am well organized, responsible, caring, and calm. I enjoy sports, outdoors, animals and reading. Last year I completed my first year of University. I simply enjoy being around children and absolutly adore them. I have always been around them either, babysitting or with my sister's childern. I babysat for the same family for 6 years. They had three children aged 0-8. Everyday I would also go to my sisters to help her with her childern while her husband was at work. So I am used to kids of all ages. Please e-mail me if you are interested in knowig more abotu me.
Thanks for you time.
Best regards, Jana"

Simply Fri 12-Sep-08 17:07:10

Bumping for you.

poshtottie Sat 13-Sep-08 07:55:36

friendinneedtoday, you could tell her to look on gumtree. Quite a few people in the London area looking for an au-pair.

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