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Childminder in Winchester

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likessleep Thu 11-Sep-08 21:45:52

Have just found out that our preferred nursery is unlikely to have any availability for March 2009 (which is different to what we were told back in June!)
Thinking about it, I am starting to prefer idea of CM anyway.
Our DS will be 17 months old in March and as our PFB, there will hopefully be more pitter patter of tiny feet in a year or so.
So we are looking for childcare between ages of 18 months - up to 3 years old (at most and all things going well).

Anyhow, I wondered if anyone knows any good CMs in Winchester?
Also, what is the best way to find CMs?
Am I looking too early or is it good to start early?

Sorry, feel really disappointed (and hacked off!) that we thought this was sorted sad

Any ideas / advice gratefully received ...

likessleep Thu 11-Sep-08 21:51:07

PS I have been on the childcarelink website, but wondered if there are any other resources.

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