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anyone used or seen an everest twin buggy? link attached

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eleanorsmum Thu 11-Sep-08 18:09:59

am desperatly trying to sort out which one for all buggy i can buy! these are terribly expensive new but seem ok second hand! have you ever used one or seen anyone using one? please let me have your opinions!
PS i am a cm who will soon have 7mth, 19mth and 2.1 yrs and dd aged 4!


mogs0 Thu 11-Sep-08 19:13:01

I haven't used this particular brand of buggy but I've used many doubles/singles with buggy boards etc. All the pushchairs I've used with air filled tyres have been very easy to push. I used to have an urban detour double and could easily transport to hefty toddlers plus shopping in the basket underneath and another toddler on the buggy board.

I'd definatly bid on that one especially as it hasn't been used! I think it'd be perfect for the children you need to transport.

southernbelle77 Thu 11-Sep-08 19:34:33

Looks good! One of the childminders round here has just bought a triple pushchair. It looks quite wide, but is suprisingly easy to push!

CarGirl Thu 11-Sep-08 19:36:47

I know someone who has one for her toddler twins and youngest and is happy with it.

littlestarschildminding Fri 12-Sep-08 08:10:09

Hmmm not so sure I would buy it from them though...have you looked at her feedback!

Not convinced of her having a 'spare' buggy either...not at that price.

Certainly wouldn't trust with my money unless I could collect in person!

SillyMillysMummy Fri 12-Sep-08 09:41:42

These are an excellent product if you need 3 seats and are easy to push, the pics there arent of the actual buggy imo so beware, it will go for quite a bit more than that though i would have thought

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