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CM Club: Christmas time off

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mogs0 Thu 11-Sep-08 09:52:16

I'm trying to work out my holidays for the next 12 months and can't decide what to do over Christmas.

I have 7 days to use up and don't know whether to take Xmas Eve off but open one day the following week or work Xmas Eve and take the whole of the following week off. Or try and squeeze in an extra day off and have both!!

imananny Thu 11-Sep-08 10:19:36

i would take christmas eve off (esp as you are a mummy) or work half day till 1pm and ideally take whole week off between xmas and NY to spend time being a mummy

mogs0 Thu 11-Sep-08 10:27:02

Up until now I'd have always had Xmas eve and the week between Xmas and NY off because I had to travel to my family. Now I live near my family so there's no travelling involved at all. Ds will be home with me when I'm minding so has plenty of time with Mummy!!

looneytune Thu 11-Sep-08 10:38:46

I'm having the week of Christmas off as although I've just had 12 weeks maternity leave, that's all the holiday I've had this year and I'd like to have some family time where it's not all about getting used to new baby etc. Plus I always find I'm rushing about whenever I'm not working, trying to sort bits out and this way I'll have a nice calm week off

changingsoon Thu 11-Sep-08 10:50:13

im taking the full 2 weeks off. cant wait, gona do lots of cooking and stuff with my own 2.

SammyK Thu 11-Sep-08 12:40:37

I always take the full two weeks of xmas-new year off, usually from the last day of school term, I break off too, it really does me good to totally recharge my batteries and have family time, and for ds to have his toys to himself fr a little while! grin

TheConfusedOne Thu 11-Sep-08 12:47:16

I take off the last working day before Christmas Eve till the first working day after the 3rd of January.

AbbaFan Thu 11-Sep-08 12:56:35

I have one child that is term-time only, so he will be off.

The other child I have, is going to be off for the week after christmas. That worked out well as I wanted that time off anyway, so will still get half-fee paid now.

elkiedee Thu 11-Sep-08 13:10:06

Have you asked mindee parents their plans etc? That might help you decide. If they're not working they might be quite happy for you to have both, though I'm not suggesting that you should let that dictate to you if they have preferences which conflict with yours or other parents.

mumlove Thu 11-Sep-08 13:14:47

Since DD has been at school I always have the 2 weeks that school has off as I find those 1st few weeks in December very full on with parties, school plays etc.

abba1772 Mon 15-Sep-08 19:21:38

i'm working xmas eve til 5.30 then travelling 200 miles to spend xmas with family lol

must be bonkers but parent booked me before family invited us to their house so would feel guilty if i backed out now.

aGalChangedHerName Tue 16-Sep-08 10:08:34

I will have the 2 full weeks off this year!!

My after schooler goes to grans for all hold and small mindee's mum is a at Uni so she is off for 2 weeks (actually nearer 3 weeks) and other after schooler's mum at college so she's off too!!

Lucky me smile

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