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Childminders Club: Ofsted Inspections - How often??

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KatieMac Tue 22-Feb-05 18:54:43

RTKangaMummy and I have been debating how often Ofsted should inspect Childminders.

I lean towards at least once a year irrespective and RTKM thinks that the Gov should spend money on visiting the C/Mers who have problems or where the inspector is not confident of the situation.

RTKM is (hopefully) going to add a link to our other discussion.

What do you all think??
Please let us know if C/mer or parent

RTKangaMummy Tue 22-Feb-05 18:58:53

here is thread

We have diverteed off subject and it is right at end

KatieMac Tue 22-Feb-05 19:03:29

Thanks KM (can't get used to RTKM - sorry)

I think it will be am interesting discussion.....
Now I've said that no one will comment

If everyone has an inspection at least once a year - then that is a minimum standard. If it's once every 18m or 2 ys then it just dosen't sound enough (we may have to agree to disagree over this one)

Dahlia Tue 22-Feb-05 19:14:34

I have a lovely childminder and so am happy with once a year.

HappyMumof2 Tue 22-Feb-05 19:20:59

Message withdrawn

KatieMac Wed 23-Feb-05 19:19:06

Bump - for any more opinions...

KatieMac Wed 23-Feb-05 21:10:15

and again

mafalda1 Wed 23-Feb-05 23:10:03

Hi there, I had my inspection last month and can honestly say that if all the inspectors were like my one, there could be some very bad childminders about. She was in a hurry. She filled her form and checked my paperwork, looked at some toys, was worried that I did not have dressing up outfits for a 17 month old, she said that this could turn him into a bully. She spen 1hour 15mins with me.
I believe that all childminders should have a yearly inspection. But with an inspector who seems to know what is going on.

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Feb-05 23:12:05

how can dress up clothes equate to bullying?

is it cos lack of being in other people shoes

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Feb-05 23:13:05

That is not good inspection

imagine if she was visiting really bad cm

would she have noticed?

Xena Wed 23-Feb-05 23:23:05

I have to say that I've only been registered for 18mths and I haven't had an inspection. I think it is disgusting I would be unhappy if I was a parent. I know that I take good care of the children I look after but I know of a minder who is not kind to her mindees and am thinking of reporting her.

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Feb-05 23:29:06

i think you should report her

Xena Wed 23-Feb-05 23:31:09

she has been reported before but seems to be able to hood wink the inspectors. But by the sound of it its not hard. I happen to know that the parents of 1 of her mindees is not happy I can't understand why people leave their children with her

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Feb-05 23:41:32

Is she cheap?

I know one who is awful but is cheap

some parents put price before quality

luckily she has stoppped minding now

Xena Thu 24-Feb-05 00:21:29

Not at all cheap £4 per hour I think.
Have made up my mind to report her maybe they will do something about it this time. I think that she was last reported for leaving minded children in the car whilst taking her DD into nursery.

RTKangaMummy Thu 24-Feb-05 00:42:33

That makes me soooo when parents do it but childminders

She is giving the rest of us a bad name

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