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Wet Tuesday Morning Staff Room

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mumlove Tue 09-Sep-08 08:25:53

A lovely wet day again! I didn't think the dry days would last for long.

Mindees have all just arrived ready for the school run.

Going to the toy library this morning to take back the pile of toys borrowed in the holidays.

Hope you all have a great day smile.

southernbelle77 Tue 09-Sep-08 09:03:00

Morning ML. Wet here too and got a little wet on the school run! What a mad dash that was as, literally, just as we were about to walk out the door, had dirty nappy change to take care of!

Back now and waiting for 12 month old mindee to arrive and then off to drop in before going to get dd from school again at 12! Then back for lunch with new mindee (who is in dd's class) and mindees mum for sort of settling in before starting next week! No plans for the afternoon after they have gone yet! Will wait and see what the weather is like and how mindees and dd are!

Have a good day all

Shoshe Tue 09-Sep-08 09:07:56

Wet here too, done the school run, and now getting ready for soft play.

PinkChick Tue 09-Sep-08 10:55:12

moring all, hope your settling in session goes well belle!smile

no mindees through day week will be last week like thissad as i have new baby starting smile part time, but stil no idea of hours hmm..mum meant to be finiding out today, so will be letting me know asap!

So cleaning today then next week hoping to repaint breakfast room, then thats done it will just be kitchen to do when we back off hols!

Just text mum who ive given notice too, to say good monrning, x's fees today are x, thanks x(my name) a lovely message backsmilehmm, yes i hadnt forgot!, unfortunatly im still in bed due to surgery last week (no biggy, AFAIK 'didnt' actually NEED to be surgery, but chose it!)thanks for your concern!(!LOLsmile)..will do my best.
LOl, no, you will or your wil ask 'someone' one of your many friends, one of whom dropped mindee at school this morn! if you cant do it yourself to bring my fee ON TIME this week!..and they wonder WHY ive give notice!shocksmile to clean up now..wish me luck!

hellybell Tue 09-Sep-08 11:50:10

Not so bad here - weather wise! Got 2 mindees and new one starting this afternoon.Off to local drop-in - kids love it!
Not working the rest of the week and have decided to tackle my play room tomorrow - JOY!!!!!!! I have so much, I don't know where to begine!

tulip31 Tue 09-Sep-08 14:37:16

Had a goodish morning, took the bigger children to school and then mindee and dc3 to nursey, so I had the am off with my dc4 and we went shopping.
Collected from nusery (1st day back) and mindee fell asleep enroute home, so had a delayed lunch.
Now getting ready to go out in the rain on the school run.!

PinkChick Tue 09-Sep-08 15:42:15 mindee due to start end of month, the mindee whom i have just turned down a full time place for as this mindee has(well mum/dad have) signed contracts for 5 hours a day 5 days a week, has now told me its not actually even that anymmroe but will only be 4 1/2 hours a day 3 times a weekhmm..only turned down full timer as had agreed 5 days with this mindee, otherwise would have had to speak to this mindee...

what do i do?, obv i 'can' change the contract but ive lost out on a full time child and will now be receiving a lot less per week than we contracted forhmmsad

mumlove Tue 09-Sep-08 17:02:42

I have just finished for today after getting soaked for the 6th time today. I have been lucky that I have 2 raincoats so at least they get chance to dry out.

Lets hope for a dry day tomorrow (please).

I am off to make tea, have a peaceful evening.

KatyMac Tue 09-Sep-08 17:06:26

Grr Pinkchick - I hate that - it happens SO often

Can you get back in touch with the other family to see if you can help at all?

Sounds like a very wet day all round

I am a bit more positive today & trying to get the local paper to write a bit about my occasional minding service - haven't succeeded yet

PinkChick Tue 09-Sep-08 20:13:18

HIya, spoke to mum of mindee wanting full time place..TBH i think she might find it too much cost wise, theyve both just started new jobs and already have their elder ss with me after school, full time 8.30-5.30 for their youngest would be £135 a week and at present arent getting help towards costs, so not a secure enquiry, not enough to ponder who to take on really!...i ahve emailed mum back to say ok, bring contract abck and we'll change it..less moeny now and a bit off a let downhmm, but thats the way of the world..i still get Monday mornings off and my am only 'actually' working half a day extra (albeit having an extra baby on days when i have the others, so ahrder work) will go with the flowsmile..only problem is, if someone leaves and my finaces drop, i would haev to look at it again as no one i dont think could fit 'around' these hours?, theyre very specific..ah well, lovely little baby, nice family, they cant help work mucking them around..still all goodsmile

PinkChick Tue 09-Sep-08 20:14:28

oops sorry and did text mum of mindee i had to refuse today and told her i could do goodsad..but the thursday as well as mon and tues may now be more help to her?, so will wait and seesmile

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