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after school aged kids

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bmz Mon 08-Sep-08 14:56:11

would you have any organised activities for after school aged children or would you us let them choose whatever they wanted.

suzieanchloe Mon 08-Sep-08 15:06:12

It would depend on the children and the ammount of homework they had to do. If they had lots and seemed to struggle to get through it then i would be inclined to let them relax playing in the garen or something. If they have little or no homework (if they are younger) then they may like something more organised but i wouldnt do anything too heavy duty. Just something like arts and crafts. Or maybe an after school club like dancing or tennis!

southernbelle77 Mon 08-Sep-08 16:32:45

Personally my after schoolies do not want to do structured activities when they come back afterwards. They have had enough of that at school and just want to chill when they come out. If they wanted to do something then they can but if I ask they say no thanks!

ThePrisoner Mon 08-Sep-08 19:51:04

My minded schoolchildren choose what they want to do here.

I leave out an assortment of things for the school children to choose from - games, craft activities, construction sets, etc. which do not need close supervision.

If I am not too busy with everything/everyone else, then we may all play a game together, do a more heavy-duty craft activity, or go to the park.

They also have access to anything that is already out which the younger children may have been playing with (play kitchen, for instance), and will often want to play with the littlies as well! They also love any kind of role-playing games, and will often put together plays or dance routines.

We don't do homework!

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