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How to 'write down' that a retainer is weekly, not a one off....

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PinkChick Mon 08-Sep-08 13:55:05

baby starting end of month, agreedhmm to NOT charge retainer until such a atime when i was asked for THAT space and then would HAVE too...time ahs come, friends two girls need to come back, but cant as agreed contracts with this baby(parents) explain this too new babies mum, send another email say it will be x amount now as other baby wanted to come back and ive had to refuse.

Now mum has said she thought it wasa one off fee! policies-whihc she has and my email say weekly retinainer.

So am emailing back now and need to say it IS weekly as im holding your childs place effectivly meaning i am losing businmess turning this other child away..but need to be more elequent!(sp)

help appreciated pleasesmile

MatNanPlus Mon 08-Sep-08 14:31:21

I do think your statement is correct and appropriate to be honest

""In my terms and conditions you will note that a retainer is payable weekly for the retained place.

It is a weekly payment to guarantees the place for your child and provides limited renumeration until the place is taken up at the agreed full rate.

Should you not wish to pay a retainer then i will assume you are happy to take the chance that the place will be available to your child when you want it, of this i cannot guarantee as i do get enquires weekly as to may availability""

How about that?

mogs0 Mon 08-Sep-08 14:39:48

Very good MNP! I know where to come when I need help with wording!!!!

MatNanPlus Mon 08-Sep-08 16:56:06

TY Mogs0 but noticed a few errors blush

""It is a weekly payment that guarantees the place for your child and provides limited renumeration to my business until the place is taken up at the agreed full rate.""

MatNanPlus Mon 08-Sep-08 16:57:02

It has taken me 6yrs to get my own Maternity Contract fine tuned, each incident good or bad and comment has tweaked it

PinkChick Mon 08-Sep-08 17:05:20

Hi MNP, thankyou, but had already sent emailsmile..just said retainer is weekly amount as have an equiry for the space you want and as i cannot fill it sue to your child starting x date, i now need to cahrge your retainer as agreed in contract ..i also said that i was sorry if this wasnt clear enough in my policy booklet i gave them and would now look at it to ensure no future confusion occurssmile

MatNanPlus Mon 08-Sep-08 17:49:28


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