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CMS/Nannies: I need help settling 7 MO

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navyeyelasH Sun 07-Sep-08 18:02:20

Hey everyone I am doing some ad-hoc work with a little girl 7 months old, it's for 2.5 days a week for approx 6 weeks.

When I met her she was fab and we got on really well; I went for my first official day today and everything was dandy for 30ish minutes. Then the poor mite started screaming and no matter what wouldn't settle. It got to the point that toward the end of the day that even me laughing (and even her mums laugh) would set her off sad

This has never ever happened to me before babies just always love me - mainly because I am playful and stupid. Mum was at home today so we just played pass the baby but of course will be easier for all 3 of us if I could get the baby used to me and fast.

She was a bit ill today though with a temperature - we had to take her to a walk in centre because mum and I were both concerned and GP thinks it's (possibly) a virus/teething. I'm attributing most of her behaviour today to this as she is normally a sunny lovely baby & her parents are also really lovely and calm etc. But for future reference how do you settle a baby / lessen separation anxiety?

I tried:

distractions - such as various toys
Teething rings/my bead bracelet
Games such as peak a boo, tickling and other silly thing
Room to Room adventures "what this" What's this" sort of thing

Is going out an option or will it make the situation worse? We both wanted the little one to be reassured that me coming doesn't mean mummy going so both opted for staying at home with her today so she could get used to me. But maybe being outside provides more distractions?

Any advice or tips would be brill!

lulumama Sun 07-Sep-08 18:04:17

not a c.m or nanny but..

it sounds as though her being poorly would be a big factor in her being unsettled

second of all, if you tried all of those things, the baby was possibly overstimulated and worn out.. she sounded like she needed some cuddles, and quiet

did she have any calpol for her pain and temperature?

navyeyelasH Sun 07-Sep-08 18:13:13

Yup 1 * 2.5ml. I was there for 6 hours and she went down for 2 naps (40 then 20 mins) and had just got up from a nap when I arrived. She was also eating (mum did one feed I did the other) but not as much as usual, less milk too mum said.

Also had loads of quiet and cuddles with both me and mum. I'm sure it was down to her being poorly but if it ever happens again I want a trick or 20 2 up my sleeve!

SammyK Sun 07-Sep-08 22:40:52

It sounds like you know all the usual tricks.

I'm sure it was just down to teething or virus, as a last resort a short walk in the pushchair usually helps, may drop off to sleep or be distracted by the surroundings. I often do this when babies are grizzly from teething.

botherednanny Mon 08-Sep-08 12:30:39

agree with lulumama - if you tried all of those things poor babba would be overstimulated! esp. if teething.

would def advise going out for short walk in buggy, there's something magical and soothing about the outside when a LO is being grizzly, you'll prob find she drops off or at least settles a bit... hopefully!

good luck, as a nanny I know these kind of situations make you feel a bit rubbish when you're normally so on top of things!


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