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NVQ 3 CCLD: Recognition of social factors eg substance abuse, and the possible behaviours of adults involved in the abuse of children

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SammyK Sat 06-Sep-08 21:29:28

sad I have hit the child abuse section of unit 305 and I'm finding it hard to be objective. sad

Can anyone break this knowledge evidence down for me please and make sense of what I am meant tp be writing.

KatyMac Sat 06-Sep-08 21:30:29


I never understood it...sorrysad

I still don't blush

SammyK Sat 06-Sep-08 21:51:12

Don't worry KM, I was just thinking that. It just seems like a writing excerices to me.

Like when you have to write a boring essay at school. blush

Want to do level 4 eventally but defo won't be via an NVQ - I can't stand it!

botherednanny Sat 06-Sep-08 21:57:39

Have randomly just finished this bit of the level 3 BTEC/NVQ... If you leave your email, I'll send you what we've been doing+hopefully it may help?

KatyMac Sat 06-Sep-08 22:00:27

I hated the whole set up of the NVQ tbh

I did a level 3 course after it & I loved it - totally different way of working

SammyK Sat 06-Sep-08 22:03:27

Thanks BN kay dot samuels at hotmail dot co dot uk smile

It is the set up I dislike, yes. Thankfully I should be done by half term! Yay!!

KatyMac Sat 06-Sep-08 22:06:40

I have great hopes for OU (if I could ever decide on the blasted course)

SammyK Sat 06-Sep-08 22:18:47

M sister has done OU courses KM and has always enjoyed them. smile

Can you access funding for OU courses though??

KatyMac Sat 06-Sep-08 22:20:05

Don't know - but I get a discount & I have Tesco vouchers

SammyK Sat 06-Sep-08 22:34:12

They take tesco vouchers???

KatyMac Sun 07-Sep-08 10:39:40

Yep & £2.50 = £10.00 shock

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